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WWE NXT Superstar sends heartfelt birthday message to Shotzi Blackheart




Today is Shotzi Blackheart’s birthday. She received an early birthday present on Wednesday when i Ember Moon won the NXT Women’s Team Championship by Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.

While Shotzi Blackheart got a lot of birthday wishes on social media today, and one in particular stood out from the NXT Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux.

She went to social media to tweet her picture, Blackheart and Karrion Cross with a heartfelt message next to her.

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul and absolute star @ShotziWWE! * Green heart emoji * You inspire me every day and I couldn’t be more grateful for our friendship. I hope we howl on the moon until we are little old ladies! I love you! * Monthly emoji * * emoji with crystal ball * * nazar amulet emoji * “

It’s always wonderful to see wrestlers in this business make lifelong friendships, and the friendship between Shotzi Blackheart and Scarlett is certainly special.

Shotzi Blackheart knows what he wants for his birthday

It wouldn’t be a birthday without a gift, and Shotzi Blackheart knows exactly what he wants this year.

Blackheart sent a tweet yesterday asking Mattel to post his action. This certainly sounds great as an idea, as it has one of the most intimate looks on the entire WWE list at all three brands.

The future WWE Elite figure of Blackheart complete with tank would surely be a hit of all collectors of WWE action figures and would make a happy birthday. Sounds like a win-win.

While it is unlikely that Mattel will announce the Shotzi Blackheart action before the day is over, there is certainly a chance that we could see that announcement from them soon.

Want to see the action figure Shotzi Blackheart? Have you already sent your birthday wishes to Blackheart on Twitter? Let us know by advertising in the comments section below.

Posted March 15, 2021, 5:49 AM IST