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WWE RAW Superstar ‘would have loved’ a storyline with Stone Cold Steve Austin




The WWE The United States Championship will be online tonight RAW as Ali, the leader RETRIBUTION, challenges current U.S. champion Riddle.

But he recently talked to people in TV Insider on the eve of his big title match at RAW. The head of RETRIBUTION was asked about how Stone Cold Steve Austin influenced his career. But he talked about Steve Austin always being good to younger stars backstage when he stopped by for a one-off appearance at RAW. He also revealed the impact of Austin’s classic moments on his career and that he would have loved to have been involved in the corners with Stone Cold Steve Austin:

“When he stopped by to perform at Raw, was so cool to the younger crew. I will always remember the supermarket fight with Booker T. It was a 20-minute fight over food. I remember when he fought against the WCW-ECW alliance Survivor Series in 2001. Even in Royal Rumble 1996, where there is that iconic moment when he watches his invisible clock waiting for the next opponent, then the musical hits of Bret Hart. He sold the look [of surprise] perfect. He is a real icon. I wish I had done something with it. I don’t drink, but everyone on day 3:16 has one for me. “

Speaking about what the title challenge meant to him, Ali also revealed how he sometimes felt that people didn’t look at him as an American, despite being born and raised in the United States. He added that he enjoys that someone like him can win the title and become a role model for the next generation.

Mustafa Ali was announced last year as the leader of RETRIBUTION at RAW

Mustafa Ali was announced as the leader of RETRIBUTION last October. Despite looking like a threat in the WWE early on, the faction didn’t actually do much on the RAW. But he tried several times to gather his troops, but recently he looked more and more frustrated. What does RETRIBUTION bring in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Posted March 15, 2021, 5:35 PM IST