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Xiaomi Mi 11 teardown shows it’s easier to repair than S21 Ultra




Xiaomi Mi 11 iFixit

  • Xiaomi Mi 11 has undergone disassembly on the repair website iFixit.
  • It scored the same as the base Galaxy S21 and scored higher than the S21 Ultra.

Smartphones have come a long way since the early days of Android and Symbian, but one aspect that didn’t improve at the time is the ease of repair. Now, DIY repair website iFixit I carried out the dismantling of Xiaomi Mi 11, And the new Xiaomi phone doesn’t seem to change the situation significantly.

iFixit gave Xiaomi’s flagship 4 out of 10, which means the Mi 11 is a bit easier to fix than the others. Galaxy S21 Ultra (3 points out of 10) tied with vanilla Galaxy S21. It is also Huawei Mate 40 ProHowever, it was easily defeated by Apple’s latest iPhone.

This website specially praised the Xiaomi Mi 11 for requiring only one standard Phillips screwdriver for all relevant screws. I also mentioned that the display and battery can be replaced separately, and the adhesive is “super stubborn” (implying that it happened because of the lack of an IP rating) and many of the parts are modular.

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There are several drawbacks to repair this phone yourself. The outlet lamented the need to replace the curved screen, the glass body that is easy to fall, and the entire screen in case it needs special tools to remove. Fingerprint scanner is broken. They also mentioned that the process of removing the battery and display can be “boring”.

Several notable discoveries have been made on the team. One found that the Mi 11 had a rubber gasket around the speaker and charging port despite not having an IP rating. Also, we have once again got a check on two 2,300mAh batteries, and the split design allows for faster charging.

Either way, the Mi 11 seems to be in its class in terms of repairability in 2021, but with the introduction of repair rights laws around the world, we hope that more phones will adopt a DIY-friendly approach this year.


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