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Xiaomi welcomes US judge’s ruling on its blacklisting




Xiaomi Mi 11 camera closeup

credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

  • The U.S. judge temporarily suspended Xiaomi’s placement on the blacklist of the U.S. Department of Defense.
  • Xiaomi welcomed the ruling, but said it would require a permanent removal of the designation.

Xiaomi We welcomed the decision of the US judge. American blacklist. This comes after the company Sue America to the decision.

U.S. federal judge Contreras has decided to stop making Xiaomi on the list. Contreras believed that the US Department of Defense’s move was “arbitrary and capricious”. The ruling only prevented Xiaomi from being blacklisted, but the judge believes the ban will be completely reversed. Bloomberg.

Xiaomi is known to have been declared a Chinese Communist Military Company (CCMC) by the US Department of Defense a few days before Donald Trump left the White House. The department seems to believe that the company shares a relationship with the Chinese military. Xiaomi rejected all links and maintained its independence as a publicly traded company.

Xiaomi can still trade with other U.S. companies once it gets on the CCMC blacklist, but U.S. investors will have to sell the company’s holdings. This will have a huge impact on the company’s finances.

Xiaomi’s response

xiaomi ccmc statement

Xiaomi welcomed the ruling. statement Issued March 14.

“The company believes that the decision to designate it as CCMC is as arbitrary and capricious as the judge agrees. The company will continue to ask the courts to permanently remove the designation,” said Xiaomi.


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