After announcement Reorganization of verification process at the end of last year, Twitter is almost ready to accept submissions. Company Spent the last few months We’ve gathered feedback from the public to make sure the new approach doesn’t have any noticeable issues, and this week announced that the option to apply for certification is finally starting to appear.

The return of this feature took a long time, and Twitter talked quite a bit about the desire to revise some directors with the previous verification program. A bio or header image is no longer required for a profile to be considered complete based on feedback, and the minimum follower requirement is now regional and not country specific. The categories have also clarified, with’News’ becoming’News & Journalists’ and’Sports’ covering eSports. In the near future, we will explore more categories, including those related to scholars and scientists.

For existing verified accounts, badges will be removed if the account has been inactive or incomplete for too long. To complete your account, you must have a verified email address or phone number and a profile image and display name attached. If your account is on a chopping board, you will receive an email telling you which hoop to go through.

Authenticated badges are not removed from the deceased user’s profile and the commemorative account is working. Twitter hopes that the threat of removing authenticated badges against users who repeatedly violate platform rules is sufficient to improve behavior. This will continue to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

From this week, Users will start seeing the option to request confirmation on the Account Settings tab. Interested people should provide support material to answer questions and verify their identity.

Don’t worry if you don’t get an immediate response as it can take days to weeks to get an answer on Twitter about the status of your application. Twitter hasn’t yet offered its application to all its users, and it will provide more options in the coming weeks.

Announcement You can see that the certification application feature is currently being released.