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YouTube confirms everyone using downvotes is just being a jerk, hides public display




Only creators can see the number of negative votes for an upload.

No online social space is free from harassment in any form, and YouTube is no exception. So far, the platform has tried to dominate users who have problems such as: Respectfully ask them to stop.. With today’s move, the company is pursuing an even more daring strategy. This means completely disabling negative votes that the public cannot see.

From today, YouTube users will no longer see the number of dislikes. on the video. You will still see the number of public likes your video has received, but the dislike option is completely disconnected from the number. This move takes place after the site is started. Hidden dislike count test in March, a controversial move at the time. Over the next few weeks, it will only spark even more outrage as YouTube is finally officially open to all users.


According to the site, this is a way to prevent creators from dealing with a group of malicious actors who are mass opposing the video. Undoubtedly smaller and more independent creators have faced these issues in the past, but it’s impossible not to see the most hated videos in website history and see this as a way to curb criticism of major companies. YouTube’s own 2018 rewind video While the least supported in history, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The trailer is still at the top as well. Recent examples of highly disliked content include: Nintendo has released an expansion pack. For its online subscription plan. rest of the list consists mainly of easy-to-follow music videos for kids.

This change only applies to public viewers., authors can still see the count when going to the Analysis tab in Studio. The dislike button still works for everyone, so it helps to moderate personal recommendations and provide uploader feedback privately. You cannot share that rating with other viewers without taking a look at the comments section below.

YouTube addresses two complaints you may have already entered in the comments below in the announcement video. Best of all, the company’s research shows that most users will watch a video regardless of the number of dislikes or the ratio of likes to dislikes. Obviously YouTube has neglected to talk to anyone who has seen “how to use” videos online, but I’m puzzled. Second, the company says that this method allows dislike mobs to attack creators’ videos, but you should go out of your studio and check these ratings for your content and give uploaders the option to avoid negative feedback from online bullying. emphasized.

The heart of YouTube may seem to be in the right place for this effort, but it’s too easy to see where things are going wrong. The comments section still exists, for example, where bullying can be much more vicious and personal. And while it is possible to disable comments on uploads, it was also possible to turn off likes and dislikes. Ultimately, it’s easy to imagine that hidden dislikes do far more harm than good to the YouTube ecosystem. Time will tell if this is truly a change for the better.

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