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YouTube TV and Disney reach agreement




“It simply came to our notice then from Google (GOOGL) collaboration to achieve fair conditions that are consistent with the market, and we are delighted that our wide range of sports and live news, as well as children’s, family and general entertainment programming, is in the process of being restored for YouTube TV subscribers across the country. “Disney said in a statement on Sunday.
After not reaching an agreement with Disney (DIS) On Friday, YouTube TV left Disney-owned channels like ESPN and ABC on its platform. It also reduced the price of the monthly subscription on its platform by $ 15.
YouTube TV said in a online publication which has begun to restore access to channels such as FX, National Geographic, Freeform, as well as Disney recordings that were previously in the Library. Local ABC stations will also be reactivated throughout the day.

YouTube said monthly subscription fees will return to the original $ 64.99, but customers who have lost Disney stations will receive a one-time discount of $ 15.

Negotiations between the two companies have been going on for months. The deal expired Friday, the first day of college football bowl season. Many ESPN subscribers and observers complained on social media. Sports fans also lost access to Friday’s Los Angeles Lakers game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Last week, Google said Disney had “denied fair dealings with us based on market terms and conditions.” More than a dozen Disney-owned channels disappeared from YouTube TV this weekend.

YouTube said it asked Disney to treat him “like any other TV provider,” the company wrote in a online publication on its website, “offering us the same rates that pay similarly sized services, on Disney channels while we carry them.”