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Zach LaVine spends an unforgettable day with deaf and hard of hearing school kids from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School




With a classy gesture that warms the heart, Zach LaVine brought Whitney M. Young Magnet High School Special Services Program members to a game in between Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. The Chicago Bulls The All-Star Guardian is currently deep in training camp, but has put the time and effort into giving deaf and hard of hearing students a day they probably won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

A special day in @whitesox plays with students in the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School program for the deaf and hard of hearing. I was a little rusty, but I’m grateful to them for helping me with my sign language and I can’t wait to get them with me @chicagobulls game coming soon!

As much as the students were happy with the weather and the exceptional opportunity, Zach LaVine was really proud of the moment. If all goes according to plan, a group from the Specialized Services Program could find themselves at the United Center cheering for LaVine and an updated list of the Chicago Bulls in their quest for the playoffs.

It is well known among Chicago Bulls fans that LaVine and the head office have not yet reached an agreement regarding the contract extension. LaVine’s off-field actions could be something that both sides can build on to get out of the impasse.

Can Zach LaVine and the Chicago Bulls eventually agree to a contract extension?

Zach LaVine sets up the ball against the Charlotte Hornets in an NBA game.
Zach LaVine sets up the ball against the Charlotte Hornets in an NBA game.

Whether Zach LaVine stays with the Bulls this season as well is a million-dollar question that the franchise and fans will follow closely. All indications are that LaVine wants to stay, but he also mentioned that he has to get it the respect he deserves.

The recent Olympic gold medalist approved the change of the list and is ready to lead the team to end his long drought in the playoffs. LaVine will have to hope that the Bulls ’front office will make more maneuvers to free up space for it to gain its market value and achieve fame in the playoffs with Nikola Vučević and DeMar De Rozan.

@WaddleandSilvy @ Stacey21King The Bulls are creating a potential problem in the eastern PPG last season:
Avalanches: 27.4 at 63% TS
Vučević: 23.4 at 56% TS
DeRozan: 21.6 at 59% TS Extras Lonza, as well as Pat Williams who would take the next step could make this team top in the East

If Chicago manages to keep top-notch LaVine, Windy City’s basketball team will be a force to be reckoned with in the East for years to come. Whatever this season turns out to be, Chicago Bulls fans know it’s worth saving not only for basketball feats, but also for a tender heart.

Edited by Parimal Dagdee

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