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15 True Crime Podcasts That Are All Murder And No Boring Banter




Stop playing and get to the scene.

What is more painful than to hear endlessly, to speak in jest? Listen to unlimited, boring chat-chat with mainline cool, hard, crime-making.

Ashley Cooper / Getty Images

I don’t really want to hear how your subway sandwich was kind of a treat, or how you used to have a dog like a victim had a dog, it’s so much different. It’s my pleasure to bring to me the best true crime stories most vividly with no empty commentary.

If you dislike crime podcasts that double as AM Radio as much as I do, here are 15 solid choices for your enjoyment:


Superb Junkie

Court Junkie Podcast/ / Road Facebook: CourtJunkie

Court Junkie is the only guest podcast that only covers cases that went to trial — so we get real news and transcripts from the courtroom and know how they all end up (my next crime is going to be 15 real crime. Podcasts for people who hate unsolved crimes). Gillian’s voice is soothing, steady, she’s a great reporter, and it doesn’t prevent her from doing things. In addition to the depth of the crime, it covers the temptations of all “big-in-the-media” criminals – like Derek Chauvin and Robert Durst.

Episode to check out first: “Who’s following Rusty Sneiderman’s death?”



This thing is far from the charts. The amount of people who prefer to say nothing is horror. Wow, just wow.

Kelly Paxton/Swindled Podcast/Twitter / Via Twitter: @pdxcfe

Another unique contribution to the world of true crime podcasts. The host recognizes himself only as an anxious citizen, and his voice and delivery are equally as ambitious. Almost every thing is very great; some by large companies, others by individuals. Some end up in murder, as chemical technicians are found dead after they committed a crime, while others do not. Gotta listen to this guy’s sauce, though. Bonus: each event opens a smaller case, which has the same theme as the main case, so that you get one of the two punch of true crime.

Episode to check out first: “The Whistleblower (Karen Silkwood)”



Michael O’Neill/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Another classic! The podcast version is equally attractive as the TV show. A hard-hitting, in-depth journalist that will satisfy all of your true crime cravings. What else is there to say about the show that brought real crime to us long before #truecrime became the trending hashtag on Twitter? Yes, Diane Sawyer is a badass.

Episode to check out first: “‘Fly from home Horror’ – Diane Sawyer Special Event”


All Crime No Gaule

All Crime No Bulls/Facebook / Via

There is another podcast for two guests, but these two, even if they are married (in my opinion), are good enough to keep the sport to the bare minimum. In fact, there is only a dialogue at the beginning of the episode, and there is only one telling of the rest of the series. The charges are all out of Texas (hence the label, which I guess is the traditional Texas put-down, according to Google?). The show features a fun, twangy theme and a sincere, respectful storytelling.

Episode to check out first: “The Texas Staircase, Accident or Murder?”


Snapped Up: Women Who Murder

Oxygen/Snapped/Facebook / Via Facebook: oxygennetwork

Last TV show-verso-pod entry, but’s a goodie. Who knows and the lover is snatched up? But did you know you could hear it on your headphones while sipping morning tea and walking the dog? Now ya do! There are no ridicule, no opinions, no discernible lines of personality really…. like the juice stories of ladies gone into the deep end and unlucky victims.

Episode to check out first: “Maria Strickland”


To the West: True Crime

Sydney Loofe // STEP 155 NOW • In November 2017, a 24-year-old Nebraska woman matched up with another woman on Tinder, and the pair cut her off. But after another day he disappeared without a trace.

Go West Podcast/Twitter / Via Twitter: @goingwestpod

This is the last bilingual entry. These two hardly speak honestly to each other; it is terrible. The hole is very short, but when the charge goes out, it’s all done. The deceptive title is a case of those who choose not just the Wild West or the West. Going west means dying. If you are already well aware of that and not needing my explanation, I forgive and commend the breadth of your knowledge.

Episode to check out first: “Dear Knott//154”


What’s your favorite real crime podcast? Let us know below.


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