205 Live results: July 9, 2021:


Josh Briggs, def. Asher Hale

Having defeated one of the purple brand’s top stars, Josh Briggs will surely not lack confidence as he prepares for his journey to the Eight Superstar NXT Breakout Tournament.

The tall Briggs, 6’8 ” tall and the tallest competitor in the upcoming tournament, wowed Asher Hale with a series of stunning power moves, including a harrowing rebuff and a furious Irish slap on lanyards.

Hale demonstrated his resilience by dodging a knee drop and resisting the ensuigiri and DDT tornado, but the formidable Briggs burst from Hale’s crosshair and caught him with a big boot and a brutal clothesline to earn the victory.

Odysseus Jones def. Grayson Waller

Citing his 3-0 record at 205 Live, Grayson Waller is seriously considering his exclusion from the upcoming NXT Breakout tournament. Even walking down the ramp, Waller shouted, “I don’t need to get out! I have it already!”

While Waller may have had a fair point, the colossal Odyssey Jones debuted his purple brand and showed exactly why he was chosen to compete in the eight superstars competition.

Jones usually used his size to his advantage, effortlessly knocking Waller off the tarp several times and even catching his airborne opponent as Waller tried to jump over the ropes.

This proved to be a tonic for the match as Jones shook off his stun and elbow, lifted his opponent into the air and nearly pushed him through the canvas with a victorious punch that knocked Waller out of the ranks. undefeated.


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