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4 Ways in Which Smart Home Tech Can Help Seniors!



Table of Contents

  1. Mobile Access Lets You Monitor Your Loved Ones Remotely
  2. Smart Locks and Doorbells Improve Security
  3. Easy to Manage Home Temperature With Smart Thermostats
  4. Robot Vacuums Are the House Help Seniors Need
  5. Wrapping It up With a Final Thought! 

Smart home technology has made many people’s lives easy and convenient in many ways. From streaming quality content on flat TV screens just by giving commands with your voice to answering calls and controlling your coffee machine remotely – everything happens in a breeze with smart home tech. One of the most obvious advantages of these smart technologies is for seniors, and also their caregivers. There are many ways seniors and their caregivers can benefit from automating their houses. 

Mobile Access Lets You Monitor Your Loved Ones Remotely

All the devices in your smart home are linked to a single network that keeps them all connected and integrated. These devices, meanwhile, are single-handedly controlled by a remote device, or a remote center that is your phone or tablet. Since these remote devices can be taken with you anywhere and everywhere, they let you control the smart home devices very easily. The remote controls can do more than just switch something on or off. They can help you control thermostats, kitchen appliances, lock and unlock the door, and monitor your aged parents through smart cameras. Many smart cameras come with 2-way audios, so you can use these to communicate with the seniors in your home, console them, alert them, and much more – all this while you are miles away from home! 

Smart Locks and Doorbells Improve Security

One of the biggest advantages of smart home technology is the security and safety improvements. Safety is surely a big concern for many seniors living alone or those who spend a lot of time by themselves. They can wander off and forget their way back, be unable to get up and unlock or lock doors, or even be unable to see who is at the door. With smart home devices, these things are made so much easier.

Firstly, there are video doorbells that the seniors can use to see who is on the door. If they are visually impaired or have weak vision, they can use the 2-way audio features in these smart doorbells and security devices to ask and recognize who is on the door. 

Secondly, smart locks can be easily controlled by you or any caregiver remotely. Whenever someone is at the front door, you will receive a notification and can lock or unlock the door accordingly. This takes the stress and burden off of the seniors to a great extent, particularly those who have some physical disabilities. 

Easy to Manage Home Temperature With Smart Thermostats

Aged people are very picky, and sometimes extremely uncertain about the temperature they like to be in. It can be too hot or too cold for them in a split second. As a caregiver, this can become a huge disturbance for you. Meanwhile, seniors who are all by themselves will also find it difficult to manage the temperature every now and then through the conventional thermostats and temperature control systems. Resultantly, smart thermostats play a huge role in making things easier. 

These thermostats can be controlled via mobile and tablets, so you don’t have to get up and change the settings manually. Not just this, but voice controls make it so much simpler too. This also applies to window coverings, you can simply install motorised roller blinds, and hook them up to your smartphone via a smart home hub. Plus, you can also set up schedules, preferred settings, and other customizations that allow a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Robot Vacuums Are the House Help Seniors Need

Cleaning their homes or rooms can be almost impossible for seniors who have limited physical mobility and other disabilities. However, seniors tend to be just as picky about the cleanliness and crystal-clear floors and cabinets in their homes. This is where robot vacuum and automated cleaning appliances come in handy. 

Robot vacuums still sound very futuristic. But they are very commonly found and are manufactured by the majority of the major brands such as Amazon and Samsung. These devices can be scheduled for cleaning, can be used on multiple surfaces and types of floors, as well as have smart technology that lets them reach the narrowest corners easily. These robot cleaners can multitask and can sweep and mop any space in your home, including walls and stairs.  

Wrapping It up With a Final Thought!

While you are investing so much of your time, money, and efforts in automating your home, make sure you have a secure and stable internet network to support these smart devices. It is best to check out some amazing AT&T bundles that can also let you enjoy smart home managing mobile apps for a more well-integrated experience. You can get yourself a generous bundle of entertainment and good internet connectivity, thanks to the many DirecTV packages that come packed with more than the essentials. Don’t compromise on your senior’s well-being, and call DirecTV customer service today to get the best entertainment and communication deals for your smart home. 


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