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5 Mental Health Benefits of Vaping



Do you know that there are several mental health benefits associated with vaping? Several studies, research, and clinical trials suggest that vaping may be linked with some positive mental effects.

Professional medical marijuana doctors also recommend relieving symptoms of various mental disorders.

With over 14 million people in the US battling one form of mental health issue, including depression, vaping may be considered a viable option to manage mental health-related issues.

What are The Benefits of Vaping to Mental Health?

Vaping May Help You Feel Relaxed

Anxiety is a common mental health disorder that reduces concentration and creates a lack of coordination in individuals. Aside from anxiety, stress may also limit your productivity level and lead to sleep loss.

People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may experience agitation, hypervigilance, hostility, self-destructive behaviors, irritability, social isolation, etc. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is produced when you are stressed or feeling overly anxious.

High cortisol levels may affect your appetite and ability to sleep. When stressed, most people eat foods with high sugar content, including sweets. Prolonged stress and increased binge eating may cause cardiovascular health issues over time.

Your body has to produce a counter hormone termed the “feel-good hormone.” Serotonin helps you feel relaxed. Do you know that the scents and flavors from vape juices may help you stay relaxed? How? You may ask.

Studies show that flavors, including candy, citrus, and berry, contained in e-liquids enter your bloodstream when inhaled. They aid the release of serotonin and help make you feel calmer. Thus they help improve your mental health.

Vaping Promotes Better Sleep

Various cannabis extracts, including chamomile and lavender, are renowned for relieving stress symptoms. Several other essential oils extracted from the hemp plant may also provide therapeutic benefits. You can find a list of vaping products online from a reputable store.

Today, medical marijuana doctors and other orthodox health professionals, including psychologists, prescribe cannabis as a therapy for different mental health issues. Your sleep pattern may be adversely affected by anxiety. People with anxiety disorders show symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disorder symptoms. One way of dealing with anxiety is through sound sleep.

If you wonder how you can achieve that, then wonder no more because vaping may offer a calming effect on your body and mind. Research shows that vaping CBD oil may help promote relaxation and induce sleep by reducing rapid eye movement.

Vaping Provides Relief from Chronic Pain

You may be wondering about the correlation between mental health disorders and chronic pain. The fact is that people with mental health-related issues, including anxiety and depression, may find it more difficult to treat chronic pain.

Aside from that, when you are exposed to chronic pain for a long time, you may become depressed or anxious, especially if the pain shows no sign of reducing. One of the common cannabis components present in e-liquids is CBD.

Studies show that CBD offers several outstanding health benefits and is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve chronic pain. Vaping is a faster way of consuming CBD and ensuring it enters directly into your bloodstream.

Do you know that when you vape an e-liquid that contains a high CBD level, it reacts with the endocannabinoid receptors present in your body? Activation of these receptors helps promote relaxation and relieve chronic pain symptoms.

Are you having chronic pain symptoms? You may want to consult a medical marijuana expert or your health professional before vaping to be safe.

Vaping May Help Treat Schizophrenia and Stress Symptoms

Schizophrenia makes an individual feel out of touch with reality. It comes with behavior, physiological, cognitive, speech, and mood symptoms. Mental-related symptoms associated with schizophrenia include depression, fear, anger, paranoia, hallucination, etc.

To relieve these symptoms, some people resort to tobacco smoking. Although smoking may offer calm to an extent, its high risk of mortality amongst users may be discouraging. A viable alternative is vaping.

The nicotine level in vaping is less than what is contained in tobacco. Vaping nicotine may be active in some neurotransmitters present in your body.

Dopamine and other feel-good hormones in your body may be discharged without releasing carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins into your body. Vaping nicotine and other cannabinoid components may help treat schizophrenia symptoms by making you more relaxed.

Vaping Helps Improve Your Mood

Amongst the various cannabis Consumption methods, vaping offers one of the fastest effects on users. Since vaping enters your bloodstream directly, you tend to feel the effects faster.

People with mood swings, stress, anxiety, or other mental health-related issues may be able to get faster results with vaping. The placebo effect of vaping has also helped improve mood by holding the vape device while preparing to vape.

However, it is advisable to learn from a marijuana health professional about your specific health challenge and the suitable e-liquids to inhale. It is also essential to vape the number of puffs that may suit your specific needs without overshooting your level.

Other Benefits of Vaping

Aside from providing mental benefits, vaping may offer the following benefits:

●    It May Help in Quitting Smoking

Vaping is a good alternative if you want to do away with smoking. It also contains nicotine but is safer than traditional smoking, which may expose you to carbon monoxide inhalation.

●    The Vapor Does Not Last in The Air Compared To Smoke Particles

One advantage of vaping is the fast breakdown of the vapor during a vaping session. It may take thirty seconds to two minutes for the vapor to disappear. However, smoke particles may last for up to twenty minutes in the air after a smoking session.

●    Secondhand Vaping is Less Harmful

When compared with smoking, secondhand vaping may be less harmful. Over seven thousand chemicals are present in tobacco, and about seventy of these chemicals are carcinogenic. Vaping does not involve burning. Hence you are not exposed to carbon monoxide.





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