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5 Reasons to Include Videos in Your SaaS Marketing Strategy



If your business offers Software-as-a-Service, video marketing should not be an option but rather a necessity. Consistently place videos on the website. Landing pages and social platforms are necessary to boost sales and drive traffic. Repurposing your text content or diving into more product video production has a huge ROI.

According to Hubspot, businesses publish up to 18 videos every month. This still doesn’t satisfy the increasing demand for videos. SaaS businesses need to combine traditional content marketing with video marketing for effective marketing.

Below are five reasons why you must include videos in your SaaS company marketing strategy.

1.    More interactive

Videos allow your audience to see your product in use. It is more interactive than text because you get to speak and show them how it works. Videos give them a first-hand experience and help them know what to expect after purchase.

It makes communicating with the audience faster and easier. SaaS products always have some technicalities that are best explained with visualization. Leverage tutorial videos, product demos, and explainers to show software in use. Then, use testimonials videos to attach emotions and show humans that currently enjoy using your product.

2.    No budget constraint

Contrarily to what many people think, video marketing is not expensive. You can do some recording with essential tools and create a video without breaking the bank. With the popularity of video marketing, many tools and platforms have emerged to make video creation more accessible. You can create captivating videos for your social networks with existing features.

A screen recording with a voice-over of an expert explaining how your product work is enough to create a product demo or explainer video for your website or landing page. You can also have your customers make a testimonial video for you in their environment. Then, add the testimonial video to your funnel to generate more conversions without spending on video creation.

3.    Increases Conversion

Videos are more explanatory than text and images. They can keep your audience engaged for an extended period, giving you enough time to influence their decision-making. You can strategically place videos in different funnel stages to address your customer’s pain points. About 97% of video marketers agreed that videos help sales.

A high-quality product demo for SaaS businesses can end with a call-to-action that encourages users to sign up for a trial. Then, with customers in the trial stage, you can add testimonials to push them to purchase a premium version. However, videos must be authentic and transparent to acquire high customer retention.

4.    Boost SEO

Here is another important reason for video marketing that SaaS companies cannot ignore. Your audience spends extended time on your page when you have a video, unlike when they skim through articles. This makes your page rank top when similar keywords in the video are entered in the google search query.

People also have a high chance of visiting your website after watching your video on YouTube or other social platforms. This is because they tend to retain the information from the videos for use when needed.

5.    More Shareable

Your company is at the advantage of virality because videos are shareable. On platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, videos are often shared about 20 times more than other feed content. This increases your chance to improve your brand awareness. However, you must provide value to get such engagements.

SaaS companies ensure that the video content they release is a blend of technical, entertaining and informative. This means creating content that provides tips, hacks and tricks associated with your product.

Final Thoughts

Videos bring personality and humanity to your company. It helps viewers connect with you and your brand culture. Use videos to help your audience see that there are real humans behind the software used as a service. With this, you can build credibility and increase awareness, conversions and sales.

SaaS businesses looking to get better ROI on marketing budgets must leverage the popularity of videos. Create different types of good-quality videos that work for your brand and place them strategically in your sales funnel for the best results.  Ready to take control of the marketspace? Try video marketing now.


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