7 Crazy Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

Due to our increasingly busy lifestyle, cleaning the house often becomes a massive challenge. However, the good news is that many tips help clean your house quickly. Below I have shared 7 such crazy cleaning tips from Tidyhere Boston that work.

Air vent cleaning made-easy

Air vents are often overlooked whenever we clean out the house. So, whenever we notice it, it always gets too late, and the vents get clogged and covered with dust. So, how can you quickly get rid of these layers of dust? All you have to do is detach the vent and wash them in your dishwasher, and it’ll be clean again.

Polish your sink with home ingredients

Due to regular usage, keeping it that shiny might not be easy. A dirty sink can make your whole kitchen look dirty, and I have the perfect tip to keep that sink polished. You’ll need a few drops of olive oil and a paper towel, and give the sink a good wipe. Then, it’ll start to shine again.

Refresh your microwave

Microwave is amongst some of the most used kitchen appliances out there. So, the microwave often gets dirty within days after cleaning. However, you don’t have to worry about my tip next time it gets gross. Instead, take a cup and mix lemon juice, water, and vinegar in it. Then hit the mixture in the microwave for a few minutes, and it should loosen up the gunk. Then a wet wipe can do the rest of the job.

Get rid of stubborn oil stains

Oil stands can be massive pain since they are tough to remove. But here I have the perfect tip for you using equal part soap and baby powder. No matter how you scrub these oil stains, they don’t seem to come off. But if you apply this mixture, let it rest for a few minutes; the stains will come off quickly within a minute.

Vegetable oil for wooden floor cleaning

Vegetable oil is widely used for different cooking applications. But do you know vegetable oils can also be an excellent cleaner for the wooden floor? Yes, you heard it right. If you want to make your wooden floor shine as new, make a mixture of equal part vegetable oil and vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Mopping with this solution will clean your wooden floor effortlessly.

All-purpose cleaner with available ingredients at home

Many times, the only thing that’s stopping you from your cleaning tasks is a cleaner at home. While you are lazy buying one from the store, I have the perfect homemade cleaner for you. All you’ll need for this OG cleaner is some vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and a few drop of essential oil optionally. You can use this cleaner for almost any cleaning task around the house.

Clean rust off with lemonade

Rusting is a widespread issue in our household. Whether it’s kitchen appliances, furniture, or any tools available, rust ruins the look and makes them unusable. In that case, I have the perfect home ingredients to help you out. All you have to do is mix some lemonade powder with water and rub the mixture on the rusted area. Then, once the rust comes off, wipe it off.

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