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7 Tips for Principals to Keep Teachers Motivated



The importance of educational leadership has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. It is a process that unites all stakeholders and ensures academic success and improvement of educational quality. There has always been a significant emphasis on the need for a proper administration and well-experienced head of school. But the advancement of technology has brought about many new challenges, especially for the management.

The head of the school or the principal has a lot on their plate. Their key responsibilities include managing all the processes and day-to-day activities at school while ensuring that instructors effectively implement instructional methods and curricula. Furthermore, they need to keep up to date with the changes in technology and teaching methods and keep their students, parents, teaching and janitorial staff satisfied and motivated. This is exactly why these positions require years of experience and relevant qualifications.

Education itself has become a vast field in academics. Anyone interested in becoming an educator now has numerous opportunities available. Many schools organize workshops, courses, and conferences for their teachers and managerial staff to improve their standards. But in academia, there are many degrees at the bachelor’s and master’s levels that one can pursue based on the educator’s rank and interest. Many well-reputed and accredited universities offer Master of Science online program in Educational Leadership for educators already in managerial positions or seeking to switch to educational management. Opting for an online program is very convenient for principals and teachers as they can easily manage their jobs and education. These degrees help educators gain knowledge of new trends and methodologies in teaching and learn skills to develop effective curriculums. They also learn different ways of keeping their staff motivated and productive.

After the outbreak of Covid-19, the education sector has struggled greatly. While doctors fought on the frontline, the educators ensured that students’ education remained uninterrupted. Teachers worldwide had to shift to newer teaching methods and use technology that most had never used before. Teachers struggled emotionally and physically a lot during this time. According to a study, 1 in 3 teachers considered quitting all around the country. In such times, as a leader, the principal must ensure that the teachers are happy and motivated. This article lists some ways you can keep your teaching staff’s spirits high.

Let them have breaks

The demanding nature of a teacher’s job leaves very little breathing room for them. The mental stress of the responsibility can be exhausting. Although teachers get annual vacations when the children do, most of it goes into planning for the next academic year.

A day or even an afternoon off for the teachers once a term can boost their morale. Get all your staff on board and plan this schedule so that other teachers can cover their classes. This way, you can let your teachers know that you care for their well-being.

Include them in planning

Let teachers have a voice. Since the teacher directly follows and teaches the curriculum and policies, their role in planning is invaluable. Giving them a chance to offer their input can help you have a better insight into the classroom and boost the teacher’s confidence and motivation. Encouraging them to raise their voice can also help them discuss any issues they might be facing in the classroom.

Be available

Be a leader rather than the boss. Everyone might fear a boss, but the leader can inspire and encourage people to achieve greatness. By being available and friendly with the teachers, you can keep checking up on them, asking them if they need any help. You don’t necessarily have to do their tasks, but easing up their schedule a little or giving them encouraging advice can do wonders. You cannot change many things for them, like a student’s behavior or the class size, but you can always offer a listening ear.

Encourage professional development opportunities

The professional development of teachers can help your school thrive. Searching for relevant courses, workshops, conferences or formal degrees and then encouraging your staff to enroll in one can greatly help your teachers. As a principal, you should allow and free the teacher’s schedule so that they can take the course without worrying about their school responsibilities. Being invested in the teachers’ personal and professional growth can motivate them.

Praise in public, criticize in private

There is a famous quote by Vince Lombardi, “Praise in public, criticize in private.”

Praising someone has a ripple effect. Not only can you make the other person feel good about themselves but also encourage them to identify their good behavior and stick to it. You can boost their confidence and nurture their sense of self. Teachers need this boost round the clock. Having someone praise them before their students, parents, and colleagues can improve their productivity and job satisfaction. You can even give little tokens of appreciation to them like flowers or other gifts to let them know you appreciate their hard work.

Similarly, always criticize constructively and politely. But the most important thing is to do it privately. This way, your teachers will know that you respect their self-worth and do not want to do anything to damage it.

Plan leisure time

We all know how difficult it is to overlook and manage all the funds while meeting all the requirements and demands. But we’d suggest setting aside a little for teachers’ quality and fun time every year. You can plan an exciting, all-teachers trip or have a meal together at some fancy restaurant. You can even lookup for team-building activities outside of the school premises that combine some physical activity and a super fun time.

Respect their time

During the academic year, there are many times when the workload on the teachers is a lot. As a principal, you should refrain from adding more to the burden during this time. You should constantly seek ways of helping them and reducing it for them. Similarly, try to limit giving work to do at home. Teachers have personal lives. They have to run personal errands, do household chores, and look after their families. If they have to bring the school with them to their homes, they’d probably feel burnt out and get frustrated.


The key responsibility of a school’s principal is to ensure that the teachers are at ease. To keep teachers motivated and productive, you need to adopt a leader’s role and lead them by setting the right example. By providing a friendly work environment and a good confidant in you, you can keep their spirits high all year round.

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