A Guide To Calculate The Rate Of Engagement On Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media network launched in 2010. It is a video and audio-sharing platform with more than 1.21 billion users worldwide. Today, every digital marketer or social media creator uses Instagram as a marketing tool. Instagram is now helpful for quickly targeting your audience with a more appealing interface. For instance, if you are a creator uploading more photos and videos continuously, how could you know if it is engaging or not among the audience? The only way to see the engagement is to check on the analytics and calculate it. 

It’s not enough to post regularly, but it is essential to use varied features like stories, feeds, IGTV live, reels, and much more to make a creative video. If you need to gain more exposure using Instagram features, you need to acquire free instagram reels likes trial and experience infinite growth of your account. From this article, you can learn more about engagement rates. Let’s begin!

What Does An Engagement Rate Mean On Instagram?

An engagement rate on Instagram is calculated by the percentage of users interacting with your content on the platform. In another way, it is an indicator that helps you to improve your business growth. The interaction includes reactions, comments, shares, saves, direct messages, mentions, clicks, etc., 

Importance Of Engagement On Instagram

The rate of Instagram is beyond the number of likes and views. A high level of engagement will give you social credibility and reflect the relevancy of your content and visuals. For example, an Instagram account with high followers, likes, and comments will gain the traction of many audiences. In addition, increasing engagement helps to establish brand identity. When your engagement rate rises, you can quickly turn your followers into loyal customers. Furthermore, for influencers, brands will take notice of your engagement rate before partnering with you.

Why Should You Track The Engagement Rate?

The primary reasons to check on the engagement metrics are,

  • Engagement rate plays a vital role in the Instagram algorithm.
  • It will analyze and tell you the past performance.
  • You can check whether your content is on-point and resonates with your target audience.
  • It will tell you the current marketing position, and with the insights, you can improve your marketing strategies for the following posts. 
  • It will help you predict the engagement of your sponsored content. 
  • It helps to evaluate your niche influencers and choose the best one.

As your company’s growth is more important, it is essential to calculate the engagement rate. The various engagement metrics are reactions, likes, comments, shares, saves, DM, mentions, click-throughs, clicks, profile visits, replies, tweets, calls, texts, emails, hashtags, and stickers. 

What Is A Reasonable Engagement Rate On Instagram?

A high engagement rate is around more than 6%. The medium engagement rate for feed posts is 2.88%, for carousel posts, it is 3.11%, images is 2.76%, and videos is 2.60%. So it is better to keep your engagement rate higher and don’t make it down to 1%. To maintain a reasonable engagement rate, you can get a free instagram reels views trial and boost your fame. 

How To Compute The Engagement Rate?

The engagement rate can be calculated by various methods as follows,

       1.General Engagement Rate For Posts And Followers 

To calculate the post’s engagement rate, divide the number of likes and comments by follower count and multiply it by 100. 

Engagement rate = (Likes + comments ) / Followers ✕ 100

       2.Engagement Rate Based On Reach

It is the most straightforward way to calculate the rate of engagement. ERR generally calculates audience interaction with your post. For single post calculation, you have to divide total engagement for the post and reach per post, then multiply it by 100. 

ERR = total engagement per post/number of reach per post ✕ 100

To calculate the average ERR of total posts in your Instagram account until now, you have to divide the total ERR by the sum of the entire post. 

Average Engagement Rate on Reach= Total Reaches / Total number of posts.

       3.Engagament By Impressions

Another way to measure your engagement is impressions. To calculate the engagement rate, total the number of likes, comments, and saves and divide it by impression. Then, to the value, multiply it by 100. 

Engagement = ( Likes + saves + comments ) / Impressions ✕ 100

        4.Daily Engagement Rate

Calculating the daily engagement rate is best to understand your account better. The formula is as follows, 

Daily ER = Total engagements in a day / Total followers ✕ 100

The daily engagement rate calculates total engagements in a day divided by the total followers multiplied by 100. 


If you plan to boost your engagement rate, respond and reply to the audience comments frequently. You can opt to use niche hashtags and have interactive sessions like Q&A and captivating captions that start the conversation and utilize the latest features. With the above points in mind, we hope you can calculate your engagement rate for your Instagram post and create appropriate strategies to improve your online presence. Experts agree a reasonable engagement rate is between 2% to 5%. We would like to hear your comments after reading the article!


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