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Abandoned villages in Minecraft: All you need to know




Abandoned villages (also known as zombie villages) are a rare occurrence in Minecraft. Those villages are completely neglected and empty, and all the previous inhabitants have turned into zombie villagers. Assume that these villages were flooded with zombies, turning the once busy city into a barren wasteland.

As can be seen in the picture above, abandoned villages have obvious visual differences compared to ordinary villages. The first thing the player will notice are the intrusive cobwebs that cover every structure found in the village. These villages have clearly been abandoned for a very long time.

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Everything players need to know about abandoned villages in Minecraft

Natural generation

” alt=”Abandoned village that spawns naturally in the pre-release of Minecraft 1.14 (Picture via in / Imagine_Wagonsss on Reddit) Enter caption” width=”800″ height=”450″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”” />
Abandoned Village, which spawns naturally, in Minecraft 1.14 (Image via u / Imagine_Wagonsss on Reddit)

In Minecraft, abandoned villages spawn just like regular villages. In fact, an abandoned village has a rare opportunity to take over the spawning of a regular village.

Specifically, in the Java edition, an abandoned village has a 2% chance of spawning instead of a regular village. This chance has been significantly increased to 25% -30% in the Bedrock edition. The reasons for this are unclear, but this can be a blessing or a curse, depending on what the player is looking for.

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Characteristics of an abandoned village

” alt=”Barren streets of an abandoned village (Picture via tlauncher)” width=”800″ height=”413″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”” />
Barren streets of an abandoned village (Picture via tlauncher)

Abandoned villages have some unique characteristics not seen in regular villages. These features are:

  • All villagers born in an abandoned village will be zombie villagers
  • Not all doors and light sources are generated
  • Zombie villagers will not despair
  • Zombie villagers will stay in the shade until night because they are not immune to the sun
  • Most of the cobblestone blocks have been replaced by mossy cobblestones
  • Many blocks will be replaced by cobwebs. Most often, wood is replaced by cobwebs
  • All glass panels have been replaced with brown stained glass to give a deserted and messy vibe
  • Stray cats can be found in abandoned villages
  • For obvious reasons, the Iron Golems cannot be found in abandoned villages
  • Abandoned villages have more buildings (on average) than regular villages

The video above shows Minecraft YouTuber (PaulGG) who decided to return the abandoned village to a regular village.

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