Why Office Workers Benefit From Using A Sit-Stand Desk In The Workplace

Spending hours sitting at your workstation and staring at the screen all day is not right. Within time, it can cause health issues to the person. Office workers should be using ergonomic solutions to reduce the probability of getting serious long term tendinitis, lower back injuries, among others. Sit-stand desk is an ergonomic piece of furniture that can significantly increase the comfort of workers in the office.

The best sit to stand desks are the ones that help to alleviate the pain caused by sitting for long hours in a row. This product is specially recommended to people who already experience posture problems, as long hours in the same position is likely to increase the pain and discomfort. The idea of the sit-stand desk is to keep the body moving without the need to leave the work station. So workers do not need to stop working.

Types of Sit-Stand Desk

There are a few different types of sit-stand desk in the market. Each of them has pros and cons. You should familiarize yourself with them and their cost to make the decision of which one is the best one for you.

Sit-stand Desk Converter – This is not a full size desk product. Instead this is a product designed to be sitting on your regular table top. If you want to work in the standing position, you can lift the converter up. The final result in terms of ergonomics is the same as a full size desk. However, a sit-stand desk converter has a limited space to keep a laptop, books, stationeries etc. The advantages is they cost less.

Full Size Sit-stand Desk – This looks like a traditional ordinary desk if you are working on the sitting position. However, the legs can be extended and the table top lifts, so you can also work on the standing position. By using the full size sit-stand desk, you have all the space expected in a traditional desk, plus the ability to move position while working in the office. This is the most complete version of the sit-stand desk. Even better if it is a motorized one.

Sit-Stand Electric Desk – As the name says, it is a motor operated desk. It can be a full desk, or just a desk converter. The sit-stand electric desk has many benefits compared to manual operated desks. Perhaps the main one is that you can save your most comfortable height. So you do not need to try to find the best height for you every single time you want to work on a standing position.


If people have a sore back, or shoulders they will be concentrating on their pain and not on the work that needs to be done. Working on a non-ergonomic desk just makes the problem worse. Poorly made office furniture only leads to low productivity and unhappy workers. Allowing employees to vary their position while in their workstations increases blood flow circulation, improves general well being and promotes a better concentration. In other words, improve productivity.

Cost of Investment

The price range of sit-stand desks varies significantly. There are some brands that promote premium products, but in reality, they are just overpriced brands pretending to sell something superior. While not all sit-stand desks are the same, the idea is simple: allow the worker to alternate between sitting and standing position while he or she is at work.

With that in mind, the main features you should be looking for in a sit-stand desk are: size, material of construction, operation (manual or electric), finishing, durability and weight capacity. These are the features that will actually make a difference in the desk you have.

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