Advice for students about to study abroad

Studying abroad is a valuable asset in life for students – your vision will be greatly improved, and your life experience will be more colorful. However, not every international student can take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad and improve their abilities and experience. Therefore, in order to make the study abroad experience more meaningful, here are some suggestions for students who are about to study abroad, and I hope they can help you.

Enjoy solitude

A person studying in a foreign country will inevitably feel lonely, especially when it comes to holidays, this feeling of loneliness will deepen. Learning to enjoy loneliness is one of the compulsory courses for every international student. Instead of letting yourself get into trouble, it is better to make full use of your time – you can go to the library, participate in various social practice activities, and make yourself “busy”. During this process, you will find that not only your ability has improved, but your loneliness will also decrease.

Make use of the school resources

Most students choose to study abroad in order to receive a better education, so international students should seize the existing opportunities, make full use of the school’s high-quality educational resources, and strive to improve themselves and make themselves better people. Libraries, laboratories, study rooms, etc., can enrich your extracurricular life and make full progress.

Be careful

Safety is the premise of everything. Some students may think that the current social order is very good, and it is okay to go out at night. This kind of thinking is completely wrong. The news of international students encountering accidents overseas is not one or two. Students themselves need to take precautions and always remind themselves to pay attention to the safety of personal and property. If you encounter something that you cannot solve yourself, you can turn to the local embassy for help.

Identify your country of study

First of all, students need to know which country they want to study in in the future? Is it an English-speaking country or a country with a less popular language? Students should choose the country and study abroad program according to their own interests. Those who plan to study in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore can find the available programmes through Course Finder.

Understand the learning content of the project

Some students may not have good language scores, some students may want to learn the English expression of professional theory, and some students may want to understand the education model of foreign universities… Different needs, students need different courses. Therefore, when signing up for the undergraduate study abroad preparatory program, students must first understand the learning content of the program and whether it matches what they need.

Learn about the study time of the program

Generally speaking, the course of undergraduate study abroad preparatory course lasts one year, but for some students with better foundation, course lasting half a year can meet the needs. Therefore, you need to know the study time of the program. Is it one year? Or nine months? Or half a year? Deciding the study time according to your own grades is also one of the issues that students consider when applying for the undergraduate study abroad preparatory program.

These are the advice for studying abroad, wish they can help you.

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