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Everything You Need To Know About After Shave Maintenance




Do you often feel a razor burn on shaving your head or face? Well, you are not alone as razor burn is a common issue faced by most men. However, a change in your shaving strategy and a proper post-shave skincare routine can help you prevent the terrible stinging sensations. That said, adding an aftershave product to your shaver kit can create a great difference in your grooming regime.

For most men out there, aftershave is an essential part of their daily skincare routine. It plays a vital role in keeping your scalp healthy and moisturized. Applying a good aftershave post head shaving can soothe and regenerate your irritated scalp. In this blog, we will be covering a wide range of questions that commonly arise regarding the usage of aftershave products.

What’s Aftershave?

Just as the term implies, aftershave is a product that is applied to the skin after shaving off the hair. It is usually available in three forms that include gels, lotions, and balms. The presence of antiseptic properties in aftershave products makes them an ideal formula to calm, moisturize, and repair the scalp or face after shaving.

While some aftershaves come with high alcohol content and strong fragrance, the alcohol-free natural aftershave products include herbal extracts and essential oils. Thus, always go through the aftershave product labels to find out the exact ingredients used in the formula. Purchase a product that contains more natural ingredients and no dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Aftershave – Really needed?

Shaving can make the skin appear dry, flaky, and irritated. It’s mainly because shaving develops friction between the skin and the razor blade, leading to a lack of moisture in the skin. To get rid of such sensitivity on the skin, men in the past, used cologne on their scalp or face after shaving. Today, aftershaves are introduced in the market to keep men away from post-shave skincare issues.

The primary aim of applying an aftershave is to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin after shaving. This essential toiletry reduces razor burns, skin irritations, and tiny bumps caused by head shaving. It completely clears out and kills any bacteria present in the pores of your skin post-shave. Not only that but it also seals up the pores to prevent the entry of dirt or germs.

What are the types of Aftershave?

As already discussed, aftershave products are of three types – balm, lotion, and gel.


Having minimal to no alcohol content, an aftershave balm can be considered a thickened lotion. While some of these balms come with a mild fragrance, many other aftershave balms contain no fragrance. Balms are highly effective in eliminating razor burns, and rashes, leaving the skin soft, supple and moisturized.


Unlike an aftershave balm, an aftershave lotion comes in light, creamy, and liquid consistency. Even though they usually do not contain alcohol, you may find some brands that include a small quantity of alcohol in the aftershave products. This can cause a slight burning sensation while applying it to the skin. But in terms of benefits, it is as useful as an aftershave balm. It moisturizes the skin and gives a glowing appearance.


It is a common aftershave product found in the shaver kit of most men. Just like balm and lotion, aftershave gels also come with minimal alcohol content. As they don’t contain any oil ingredients, they are less moisturizing. However, they are very helpful in protecting the skin from infections.

How to use aftershave? 

Simple question though, but using an aftershave product in the wrong way can cause damage to the skin or scalp. The best way to use an aftershave starts with choosing the right product. Using a product that contains natural ingredients and astringent can leave your skin healthy, hydrated, and irritation-free. Always look for the presence of ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, chamomile, etc., on the product labels before making a purchase decision. Now, let’s have a closer look at the steps for applying aftershave products.

  • Once you finish off shaving, wash the shaven area with water to make sure there’s no cream or lotion left on the skin.
  • Wipe your skin with a clean towel without rubbing it.
  • Apply an aftershave product of your choice to the shaven area in a small quantity.
  • Gently massage the product on your skin to spread it evenly.
  • In case you use a splash on your skin post-shaving, apply some moisturizer on the shaven area to reduce dryness.
  • Leave it on your scalp or face till your next face wash.

Hope this blog helped you to get an overview of aftershaves, their types, uses, and steps to use them. Aftershaves are real skin-savers that can give your scalp or face a fresh and soothing feel. Groomie’s natural aftershave products come with anti-septic properties that can reduce your skin’s redness, irritation, and swelling post face or head shaving.

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