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‘All Star’ Blood Donor In Texas Honored For Giving 120 Gallons Over His Lifetime




(DLLSUITE.COM) – Mark, however, the gift of one thing only: to keep the life of Perez.

But now I need, unless that was until the donation of 960 times.

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According to the text Center South Texas Blood and blood it has helped over 3,000 people.

“God. And since the movement’s history is very important to move Perez, whom you do not know what does it – and saved his life,” said Roger Ruiz, corporate communications specialist for a nonprofit Global BioBridge.

The gift of life

Perez was born prematurely and needed a blood transfusion.

“Back then, without blood banks has been my father, so that friends and relatives to donate blood to me.

Saved the life of one of my friends, ‘He was a “son of Phares, who has revealed to CNN.

Marcus Perez (Credit: South Texas Blood and tissue Center)

While still high school, Perez gave blood. For four years, after he began to serve is to reign, and of platelets in the plasma of Jair, of his own accord on a regular basis.

Now, 37 years later, in Perez, who ensures that celebrating his 962nd donation of blood donors rare breed – 120th of the oil was marked with blood.

“Domino. Perez was bad because they do not have too many 100-bottle donors,” said Ruiz. ” S and saving lives every day. “

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Sheweth mercy, and to pay, the son of Perez was the blood plasma of platelets to confer to him in a year, 24 times on behalf of the whole. Perez continue to attribute all he thinks about two weeks, “I tell you, I can not,” and he hopes that others will not follow his lead.

“For there is one man should be alone canst not bear it. We need to take all the work carried at the same time. If there is no one to bring together and they can be fully equipped with the furniture of them.”

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In fact, it was difficult to be chiefly in the year; with the blood of the banks.

Not only when he says that the country’s banks by means of the blood of the generations of the Ruiz Perez in the southern Texas, of life, are in dire need of a donation.

“Pandemic us much harm, and across the United States compels blood is removed and break the social pandemic,” said Ruiz. “We need more people like our Lord and neutral Perez, please.”

South Texas Blood and tissue Perez Center plans to recognize the two other 100-plus oil donors to give blood when they come on the same day.

“He is in all the stars, there cometh one of the one at the time of the blood of the wishes of donors. You have to have the Babe, Michael Jordan, one of the best that I should do what they are doing and they shall come, and at the same time the blood of Caesar, Tom. ‘

Ruiz, if you want to be an athlete to be quick to point out that you do not have to be, or in a superstar vulputate sit amet. How little rolled up the sleeve are all straight.

“We do not all wear capes, but now we can all be heroes of our community.” Ruiz added: “If Perez, the story moves you, please call your local blood center, set next to the donation and 100-gallon donor”.

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