Real Estate Agents: How to Choose One

How to distinguish between real estate agents and select a reputable one while purchasing a home is one issue that can come to mind. When you want to purchase your dream house, one of the most crucial choices you will ever make is selecting the appropriate and Contact a real estate agent.

Unlike unregistered agents who may trick you into purchasing a flat with problems like leakage, incorrect wiring and drainage, difficulty with title deed, etc., a good agent will assist you in finding your perfect house without any worry. Some unregistered agents might be doing their real estate career as a side job and not even be licenced to do so. They might also be bad negotiators, which could end up costing you extra money.

The following are a few positive traits that make a good agent:

Having knowledge

A good agent must be knowledgeable about the real estate market in the area where he conducts business for a property that is up for sale or rent. A professional realtor must be aware of the fees the buyer must pay for registration, stamp duty, and other fees necessary for paperwork when purchasing or renting a home.

Real estate transactions are complicated, and you need someone who can deal with unforeseen circumstances that might arise and jeopardize the deal. A good agent needs to be aware of all the legal requirements for a transaction to proceed without any complications. They should also be able to respond to all of your questions about the property and other technical real estate questions.

A credibility score

As a result of his professionalism and strong work ethic, a competent agent does not need to actively promote himself to the public. Most real estate agents rely on repeat business and referrals, so they aim to satisfy their clients. A trustworthy agent typically attracts more clients through word of mouth and recommendations from past clients than through self-promotion.

Skills in communication are excellent

In order to close the deal quickly and assist his client in renting, purchasing, or selling their home without hassle, a competent agent needs to be able to communicate effectively. An agent’s responsibility is to represent his client’s interests at all times during negotiations and contract completion. In the real estate industry, an agent’s interpersonal and negotiating skills are extremely important because they not only affect how they come across to their clients but also help them when they are negotiating with the seller, owner, or seller’s agent.

A smart realtor will pay close attention to their clients’ wants, objectives, and budget before offering properties that will satisfy every item on their clients’ wish list. If your agent constantly talks and doesn’t take your requirements or desires into consideration

The Ethical Code

The standard of conduct required of RERA registered agents must be higher than that of other agents. In order to find a good agent, one must check to see if the agent is registered with the RERA body and only then deal with the agent as there are many unregistered agents who work with full knowledge and understanding. Registered agents are required by the license to act in their clients’ best interests.

Keeping integrity

Honesty is among the most crucial qualities for a real estate agent. Always choose an agent with a good reputation in real estate because there is a lot of money involved in these transactions and agents typically rely on repeat business or referrals. If an agent is thought to be shady, the deal will not proceed and you could lose out on a fantastic opportunity.

You can either use one of the most reputable real estate portals,, to search for seasoned and registered agents in your area who have been personally verified by The Propertist in order to help you find your dream home hassle-free, or you can get recommendations from trusted referrals, homeowners who have had their fair share of experience with a registered agent, or simply log on to the website to shortlist or differentiate and find a good agent.

In real estate, an agent’s expertise in the field also matters because the agent has already encountered challenges and knows how to deal with them, which can assist the transaction move smoothly. We cannot emphasize enough how vital real estate agents are to finding your dream home, but buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions that a person will make in their life, thus one needs to obtain assistance from a real estate specialist.


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