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Analysis: Tucker Carlson is the new Donald Trump, Brian Stelter says




Carlson is practically the face of Fox News, as it hosts the most prominent program on the network. With Republicans out of power in the White House and Congress, Stelter argues that Carlson has filled the void left by Trump when he was voted out of office.

“Tucker has taken Trump’s place as the leader of the right, as a generator of outrage as a starter of fire, and it all takes place on Fox, just as the Trump campaign did,” Stelter said. “Every day, Carlson drops bombs, makes memes online, offends millions and also delights millions of others, taking advantage of white male anger and resentment, causing distrust of big technologies and the media, usually he runs, never apologizing for anything, and the Republican Party’s agenda is set. It sounds like a recently retired president, doesn’t it? “

Just this past week, Carlson mocking women in the armed forces, he harassed New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz and tried to rewrite the story surrounding the death of George Floyd. He wrote an opinion piece for the Fox News website titled, “Everything the Media Didn’t Tell You About George Floyd’s Death.” And on Tuesday he went on the air and said, “Pregnant women will fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the U.S. military.”

“Lie strategically and carefully,” Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple said of Carlson.

These “us against them” stories reflect the conversations Trump had with his supporters during his presidency.

In February 2020, the Washington Post published an opinion piece entitled, “Trump’s leadership proved he was a funny genius. Democrats should worry.” And in 2018, Seth Meyers, host of the nightly talk show, called Trump a “fantastic artist.”

Similarly, April Ryan, a White House correspondent for The Grio, said Tucker “is not a news reporter; he’s an animator.”

Tucker knows what he’s doing, CNN political commentator SE Cupp told Stelter.

“I can’t decide if it’s the Trump of the rich man or the Trump of the poor,” he said. “In a way, he’s smarter than Trump.”

Fox News is feeding Carlson’s controversial flames, which give Carlson even more leeway to launch his hateful rhetoric. During Biden’s speech Thursday, Fox News put a live Tucker Carlson reaction camera in the corner of the screen.

“The Murdochs are relieved that the Republican Party no longer wants to address the bottom line and politics and just wants to live in cultural wars,” Cupp said.