Is CBD Tincture The New Magic Potion?

Talking about cannabinoids means CBD and THC for you, but these two are not limited. You can extract hundreds of chemical compounds from cannabis sativa plants. But this popular CBD is also available in various forms, and the only unusual one is CBD tincture. It is gaining immense popularity and is always confused with oil. This text will help you know all the details about CBD tincture.

What is the popular term CBD?

The cannabis plant possesses around 120 chemical substances in it, and two of these are CBD and THC. Both of these have been researched a lot and are known to the people around. THC is the one that is associated with euphoric effects that are making people feel high. CBD is recognized for producing calming effects and boasts plenty of medical benefits. It can help people deal with anxiety, inflammation, seizures, pain, and much more.

Cannabidiol, popularly known as cannabidiol, is the opposite of THC and is safe for usage. The farm bill of 2018 legalised CBD use, and now you can find the products based on it. While some states still don’t allow the usage of it. The farm bill also explicitly mentioned that the CBD that can be used must be derived from hemp plants and should contain THC equal to or less than 0.03%.

What are CBD tinctures?

A CBD tincture is nothing but an alcohol-based extract that uses high-proof alcohol. Alcohol is used as a solvent to dissolve and extract the natural compounds found in cannabis plants but is utilised in the end product. The CBD tincture will have almost 60-70 % alcohol, and its shelf life is more significant than three years. However, their taste seems to be bitter. Hence, additives like sweetener or vegetable glycerin are added to cover up that bitter taste. These tinctures are rare to find, and therefore many times, you will discover oils in the name of medicines.

How should you use CBD tincture?

Generally, you can consume CBD tincture in drops, 2-3 drops under the tongue at once. It is believed to be absorbed by sublingual arteries, then moves through the carotid artery to the heart and enters the bloodstream. Later it moves throughout the body with blood. You must hold it for almost 45 seconds to a minute under your tongue and later swallow it with saliva. Finally, it will reach the intestine and get absorbed in the walls. CBD goes to different body parts and interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors for mental and physical health benefits. Tinctures come in small bottles with droppers with easy dosing.

What is the production process of CBD tincture?

Initially, the hemp flowers are drenched into 60-70% concentrated alcohol, and glycerine might also be used in some cases. It is the most straightforward process to produce the tincture. Specific nutrients and compounds are added to eliminate bitter taste and other benefits. These compounds are:

  • Water
  • Melatonin
  • Herbs
  • Vitamins B12, D, C, etc.
  • Sweeteners
  • Oils such as lavender and basil

Note that additional ingredients are not limited to those mentioned above; they may vary from brand to brand. For example, some producers might provide you tincture that contains full-spectrum CBD oil with cherry flavour, and some might sell it in orange flavour. Hence, while you buy your medicine, check the list of ingredients and flavours.

Why should you use CBD tincture?

  • Treats epilepsy:

CBD tinctures can be effectively used to treat seizures and hence can be used for epilepsy. The FDA has approved a drug named Epidiolex based on CBD to treat epilepsy in children and adults. You can use tinctures in limited amounts daily to beat these seizure-related issues. In addition, it has been proven by several researchers that it can induce calming effects and can also drop blood pressure levels.

  • Treats multiple sclerosis:

Multiple sclerosis affects many people and is a chronic illness that impacts the central nervous system. This system combines the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. Hence using CBD tincture can improve frozen muscles, relieve pain and affect the frequency of urination in patients. Unfortunately, multiple sclerosis also leads to numbness and blurry vision. And in severe cases, it could also lead to total vision loss and paralysis. Although there are specific helpful treatments, they can promote better recovery.

  • Helps quit addiction:

For a very long time, it has been believed that CBD can help you quit any addiction you want. Using CBD tincture regularly could be beneficial to quit nicotine or THC addiction with super ease. The hardest part of leaving a habit is going through the withdrawal symptoms. Hence using this tincture for a week at a stretch could help you deal with anxiety and cravings during the withdrawal period.

  • Helps deals with pain:

Be it any kind of pain chronic, acute, or neurological, CBD tincture can help you deal with it. Pain is always due to severe inflammation, and reducing it could benefit. CBD is a compound that possesses anti-inflammatory properties, and this is why it can help you out.

  • Works for mental disorders:

All the mental disorders such as depression or anxiety, you can easily overcome with the aid of CBD tincture. It is known to induce calming effects which further diminishes all the stress. Also, it can reduce the anxiety and anguish that is associated with inflammation.


CBD tincture is one of those many ways to consume the multi-beneficial compound. It has a remarkable shelf life and has plenty of advantages with no potential side effects. Also, measuring the correct dosage is very easy with a tincture as it comes with droppers. It is for sure CBD tincture is a magic potion that diminishes medical problems. Buy from a reputable brand and check the label thoroughly to buy the best tincture. Also, remember not to confuse CBD oil and CBD tincture as they are not the same.



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