Best Free Animation Software for Creating Presentation

If you are a student then you must come across such a situation in your life when you are given a presentation on any topic but you don’t know how to make it or you are unaware of any software that helps you in creating a presentation.

Not only students but the availability of suitable software for making presentations has become an issue for businessmen also. But you don’t need to be worried because there are lots of animation software available in the market about which you can read more from here, they help you in making the presentation more appealing. 

Today, we are here with the best animation maker that is playing a great role in creating presentations and making them more winsome. 

Qualities Of A Good Animation Software

Qualities are the only thing that contributes to making software the best and most popular. Similarly, there are lots of qualities that make an animation tool more Preferable and full-featured so we have a look at them:

  • Easy to use

The first thing that must be occupied by every animation maker is an easy-to-use interface just like Doratoon so that users don’t have to consume much effort Just in understanding the functionality of the tool.

  • Provide high quality

The animation maker must be able to create a high-quality video of about Hd 1080p. This is because quality matters a lot especially when you have to show that video to the entire audience. 

  • Unlimited elements

The other quality of an animation maker is that it should contain 1000+ cartoon characters and props, video clips or images, etc to create a more appealing and winsome look in the video. 

  • Advanced editing options

The availability of advanced editing options plays a great role in making an animation creator more preferable. As editing tools help users to add different kinds of changes to the video to bring an attractive look.

  • Watermark proof

Most of the animation tools put their watermark in the video created by the users but Doratoon does not add any watermark. In fact, it enables them to create their logo and add it to the video easily. 

  • Free

There are lots of users who only prefer such animated tools that are free because they don’t want to consume their money in the creation of a video. Hence, allowing users to create videos for free is a very effective quality for the best animation creators.

Doratoon-Best Free Animation Software

Doratoon is considered a user-friendly animation creator that is equipped with useful features. This tool is also very useful for the students and for other people who want to create their presentation in a very useful and effective environment

It allows users to create all types of videos up to the maximum extent according to their needs and also provides users with amazing templates and facts so that the video will become more charming and appealing. 

The most amazing fact about this tool is that it doesn’t require much effort and time from the user and lets them do their work in minutes without showing any kind of error or hindrance. Now, you are fully aware of the basics of Doratoon hence let us have a look at its features so that you get to know every aspect of it.

Key Features:

Key features of Doratoon are available below:

  • Text to Speech :

You will be allowed to convert any text added in the video into speech. In simple words, Doratoon has an in-built feature that converts the text into a speech and increases the quality of the presentation.

  • Timeframe management:

The timeline editing feature offered by Doratoon is very useful for the users so that they can manage all the objects in the presentation through the addition of amazing effects. Similarly, you will be allowed to manage the period of all the objects in the video.

  • Background settings:

By using Doratoon you will be allowed to use any of the page adjustment options, for instance, you can easily set your background based on your requirement by using the background settings available in Doratoon.

  • AI drawing:

Doratoon allows its users to add any kind of drawing to the video just by clicking some simple steps. You can easily draw a picture and add it to your created presentation to show your artistic abilities to the Audience. 

  • Ppt to the video:

As we know PPT has become old-fashioned and boring hence the best way to turn your presentation into an appealing and charming look is by converting it into a video by using Doratoon.

  • Speech to text:

This feature of Doratoon is the most unique one as it allows you to add your voice to the video and that voice will automatically be converted to the text. Hence, it becomes easy to add text of your desire easily just by speaking it.

  • Add your logo:

Doratoon lets its users add their logos to the video without any difficulty. This feature is not provided by most animated makers hence is considered a unique one. 

How To Create A Presentation With Doratoon?

The most amazing fact about Doratoon is that the whole process of creating a presentation on it is very straightforward and you don’t have to do any kind of extra work. But you just have to follow some steps and your presentation will be ready in a small-time without facing any hindrance.

Step 1:

Move to the official website of Doratoon and then sign up for the website by tapping on the signup button appearing at the top of the screen.

Step 2:

As soon as you sign up on the website, you have to move to the workbench tab by selecting the ‘Workbench button’ available on the top menu.

Step 3:

Then you have to select the ‘Create a new video’ option from the left menu of the workbench tab. A few methods will be available on the screen, you have to select any of them based on your requirement.

Step 4:

At the last, you will be taken to the main editing screen where you can easily create your animation and save it to your device by selecting the export button from the top of the screen.

Ending Remarks

Animation has always gained a prominent position in the creation of any video. Similarly, animation software is now covering most of the video work and now people prefer to use animation in their work like presentations, cartoons, study videos,s, etc. 

Above are some basics about the best animation software, Doratoon, that is playing a vital role in creating a charming look in a presentation by adding different effects, templates, and animation. 

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