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Best Methods to Optimize Your Instagram Reels



Instagram reels quickly caught the attention of their users. Not only intended for content creators, but this feature can also be used once for marketing your business and obtaining free Instagram followers. Here are some ways to optimize reels for business promotion.

About The Reels Feature

This is one that might also be your question when Instagram introduced a reels feature similar to TikTok. Instagram Reels allows you to share short video content with certain music and effects, a very similar idea previously introduced by TikTok.

So before talking about how to gain Instagram 5000 reels views free, now let’s talk deeper about this feature first.

The reason, of course, cannot be separated from the competition to be the number one social media, and of course, it makes people feel familiar.

It’s no question that TikTok is getting more phenomenal through the years. You can see through the fact that every year TikTok users are always increasing if you look at the demographics of Tiktok users, they are growing very fast.

TikTok users are predominantly Generation-Z (Gen-Z) and Millennials. This makes this platform a very attractive platform for advertisers and businesses. This can be seen based on data from Comscore, the percentage of US Tik Tok users (United States) is mostly dominated by ages 18-24 with 35.3% in April, followed by the general category 25-34 with 27.4% and the age category 35-44. with 17.1% of users.

With this, of course, it’s not surprising to suddenly present a feature similar to TikTok.

Reels Optimization Indicators

So, how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? The answer would be optimizing the Reels.

To optimize reels, we must first understand how the Instagram reels algorithm works. Officially, Instagram, in its release, provides information on how Instagram Reels always recommends reels content despite how many followers you have.

There are four indicators that Instagram uses to rank Instagram Reels in the Instagram Reels Algorithm, namely:

  1. Activities

The first reel optimization of the Instagram algorithm looks at which reel content users have liked, commented on, or had any interactions with within the recent past. This indicator is used by Instagram to understand which reel content is relevant for that user. Put your focus on this indicator if you want to gain free Instagram followers.

  1. History of Interactions with People

The reels algorithm is not much different from Instagram in general. Like on the Explore page, the content that appears is from someone you mostly don’t know about.

However, when you interact with one of these content, Instagram can understand that you feel interested in the content and will show similar content more often.

Well, as well as reels, Instagram will display reels content as they do. If you want a more instant way, you can also try to use the Followers Gallery.

Reels Optimization Tips

In addition to understanding the Instagram reels algorithm and getting Instagram 5000 reels views free through the reel optimization, there are several things you need to pay attention to, such as:

  • Use the Vertical Video format (not landscape or square).
  • Creating interesting and entertaining Reels to make the audience feel at home (duration of views)
  • Utilize existing Reels’ creative tools such as text, filters, or camera effects.
  • Use music from Instagram Music or Original Audio from videos you make for Reels.
  • Avoid posting content from Tiktok or content with other App logos (this is stated by the Head of Instagram himself).


Thus are the tips you can do to optimize your Reels. You have to be creative. Remember to try new things, and don’t rush your way out. Take every step carefully, and start adjusting and see whether the indicators are growing or not. Experiment to see what works or what doesn’t.

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