Blue Rock Search Review

Blue Rock Search is a great company to work with for all of your search needs. The people who work here are all highly trained and experienced. They are also very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of a service that they can rely on.

About the company

Blue Rock Search is one of the best rated recruiting firms in the country. They provide professional search expertise to clients of all sizes. From small companies to Fortune 500 firms, they deliver quality talent to meet the needs of their clients. The firm operates in four practice areas: human resources, franchising, customer experience, and higher education. Aside from its numerous offices in the Midwest and South, it also has an office in Cleveland, Ohio.

There are many reasons why Blue Rock is the best of the best. Their high tech tools and resources allow them to evaluate a candidate’s skills in a highly competitive fast moving market. They are also highly connected in their local talent communities, and have a knack for the best possible match.


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Employee reviews

The Blue Rock company, founded in 2008, is a flurry of acronyms. Although they haven’t hit the big time, their name is on the tip of many a tongue. One thing they are famous for is the employee resource group, a slickly designed forum to support and encourage their staff to do what they are supposed to do. They’ve also got a pretty cool vertical garden. So, if you’re in the market for a new job, you should take a look at their site.

The company is undergoing a period of rapid expansion. As the name suggests, they’re currently employing 15 people in a single location. Those lucky enough to get a hold of one of their coveted jobs can expect a fun and exciting work environment.

About Chris Rios

Chris Rios is a seasoned recruiter with over 15 years of experience. A founding member of Blue Rock Search, he has a proven track record in hiring executive level CX leaders. His practice specializes in the assessment and onboarding of executive level CX leaders. He also leads the CX Practice at Blue Rock Search.

As a Recruiter, Chris has been building Fortune 500 corporate desks for over a decade. He has also worked in the hospitality industry, including as an executive chef. In addition to his experience as a recruiter, Chris is the founder of Blue Rock Search, which is part of the Sanford Rose Associates network.

Having worked as a CX consultant, Rios has seen firsthand how the CX function is a critical component of the overall customer experience. He has discussed a wide range of HR and CX issues with clients, and is a passionate advocate for building an amazing customer experience.


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