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Boeing reveals a new problem with 787 Dreamliner




Boeing (BA) on Tuesday unveiled a new issue with the 787 Dreamliner widebody jet, which has been stubborn with problems since August. The company said some of the aircraft’s fuselages were not attached to meet accurate standards.

Sites where parts of the aircraft are attached must meet precise standards up to a small fraction of an inch. There are questions about the inspection process that is used to verify this work.

The company said it has been working with the FAA on the problem and identified a way to fix the 787s that have not yet been delivered to customers. Boeing said there is no need to land 787 aircraft that are already in service.

Boeing will fix the undelivered aircraft and inspect them prior to delivery. The company said this process would take a few weeks.

“We will continue to take the time necessary to ensure that Boeing aircraft meet the highest quality prior to delivery,” the company said in a statement.

The company has about 100 undelivered Dreamliners. In April, he said he hoped to deliver most of those planes by 2021. However, Boeing said Tuesday it will not achieve that goal because of the 787’s problems.

The company temporarily halted deliveries of the 787 last August and recommended a handful of lamb temporarily on the ground for inspections. These aircraft have been returned to service. Boeing also resumed aircraft deliveries in March.

Strong orders and deliveries

The news overshadowed last month’s very strong orders and delivery numbers.

The wrapped aircraft manufacturer reported on Tuesday that June was its best month for new orders since 2018, thanks to an order of 200 737 aircraft max put by United Airlines during the month. And reported the best month for deliveries since March 2019, when a fatal accident of 737 Max led to the 20 months grounding of this ray ia stop of deliveries.

Boeing said it delivered 45 aircraft last month. This is important for the company’s finances, as it gets most of the cash from the sale of an aircraft at the time of delivery. It delivered 33 737 Max aircraft, 2 military versions of the 737 and 10 wide-body aircraft. But only one was a 787, for Turkish Airlines. Most other bodies were cargo planes or military aircraft, an indication of the weakness of the broad body market share.

United’s large 737 Max order was a major vote of confidence for the aircraft and the expected recovery in air travel demand. But those orders were the only passenger jet orders Boeing booked in June. The other 19 planes ordered were goods they bought more FedEx (FDX).

Ongoing issues

But delayed deliveries and slower-than-expected production for the 787 announced Tuesday will be costly for the company, which posted about $ 20 billion in basic operating losses over the past eight quarters.

Boeing is expected to finally report profits in the second quarter just ended. While he may be able to return to profitability, Tuesday’s news makes clear the quality issues that have haunted him since the sequel to the 737 Max. Actions of Boeing (BA) fell 2% in premarket trading in the news.
The Dreamliner is a market leader in the wide body aircraft market, in which Boeing dominates the rival Airbus. (EADSF) Made of composite material that weighs less than aluminum, the jet is extremely fuel efficient. Although it landed briefly in 2013 after a fire in the lithium battery, the plane has had few known problems since.

The plane is mainly used on longer international routes, which they have has been severely reduced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Executives from the airline and Boeing have said so International air travel is expected to be the last part of the air transport industry to fully recover.