Reasons American People Celebrate The Columbus Day

Columbus is a special day for the people of America. The celebration of the day takes place on the second Monday of October. The family and friends of America celebrate this special day by having a good, fun time with their friends and family members. They even make crafts that are like a good source of entertainment for them.

Some major questions must be clear in the people’s minds regarding the day. Some of the common questions that they clarify include:

Is there Mail on Columbus Day?

Are the banks open on the day?

Are the Columbus days considered a federal holiday?

Facts About The Columbus Day

Some common facts are related to Columbus day. A person should clearly know the various things related to the day.

  • Most of state of America gives national holidays to the people, but still, some states do not give the people holidays.
  • The celebration of this day took place in 1907 for the first time. With time various changes were added in the day.
  • There is an organization of special parades that take place on a special day. People even go on a short trips on this eve.

Reasons To Celebrate Columbus Day

As we all know, the people of America love to celebrate Columbus day as it fills their life with joy. There are various reasons that these people celebrate the special day:

1.     Columbus Personify The American Spirit

Columbus is a person of America that is known to be a man of his rights. He is the person who visited various places through sailing to have success. The people of America have the desire to discover new places and have an adventure in those places.

2.     The Day Shows Respect For The Indigenous People

The topmost reason people celebrate Columbus day is that it is a way of giving respect to the indigenous people. The indigenous were mainly the people who did not have respect in the city of America, so the day was like an opportunity for such people.

3.     Friends And Family, Enjoy The Day

The families that are living in America live to celebrate the day as it helps them in having a good time. They take out the plans in which they do the craft work and other activities to get good results. The main motive of the people is to have quality time with friends and families.

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