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Boruto Episode 223: Inojin vs. Houki fight intensifies, Boruto and Mitsuki may have stepped into a trap




Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 223 begins with a recapitulation of past events as Shikamaru and Konohamaru discuss Momoshiki’s ambush during the previous Chunin Exam. As the young ninjas prepare for battle to finally become chunin shinobi, sinister forces seem to be at work, which makes viewers wonder – will things really go smoothly this time?

Disclaimer: Spoilers for Boruto anime forward!

Some highlights from Boruto Episode 223

The match between Inoin and Hawkeye begins

” alt=”The first match of the final exams Chunin one on one (Image credit: YouTube)” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”” />
The first match in the final exams Chunin one on one (Image credit: YouTube)

The episode begins with a match between Yamanake Inojina and Taketori Houki. Boruto fans were buzzing with anticipation of who would win this fight, both genins were tied. While Inojin has the advantage of mastering both the Yamanaka clan’s mind-transfer jutsu and the Super Beast scroll, Sai’s own trademark jutsu, Houki’s skill lies in his training as ANBU and as a direct subordinate under Sai himself.

The match is short but intense, with both shinobi pulling out large rifles. Hawkeye’s specialty is country-style jutsu and the battle perfectly demonstrates his strength in manipulating it to his advantage. Inojin also perseveres, showing the ability to adapt and improvise when raw power is not enough to guarantee victory.

Just when it seems that Inojin will undoubtedly win the match and become a chunin, Hawkeye completely turns the board against him. Using ANBU-style jutsu to block mental jutsu, Houki opposes Inoin’s trump card – jutsu to transfer the mind of the Yamanaka clan.

Boruto and Mitsuki find Amada

Himawari will be one of the strongest members of the Hyuga clan in the future right behind his brother Borut 😩🔥#BORUTO # boruto223

Meanwhile, Boruto and Mitsuki they are led by a worried Himavari to investigate some suspicious people wandering the alleys of Konoha. Although Boruto is initially inclined to dismiss her suspicions, the characters’ concerns have unfortunately been justified when witnesses witness the men seemingly threatening Amad and then pushing him into the train, presumably to kidnap him.

Boruto and Mitsuki are obviously chasing; unknown to Saradi, who is worried that they will be disqualified from the Chunin exams due to their absence.

Boruto episode 223: “A new threat?” “The mysterious character comes out of the shadows, and he seems to have karma, too. Will Chunin’s exams stop again?”#BORUTO

Although he fails to win the match in the end, Inojin has grown a lot from the beginning Boruto series, and fans have high hopes for him in the future.

But there is a sign of something much worse beginning, as Boruto Anime viewers are left to speculation. Is Amada really kidnapping some unknown enemy? Or does he intend to betray Naruto and the village of Konoha?

To find out, watch the next episode Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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