GTA 5 insider secrets


GTA 5 is a large game with unlimited options. It’s hardly unexpected that many tiny nuances, which build the game’s feel, are overlooked. This page contains San Andreas trivia, characters, game mechanics, and mysteries.

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Parachute supplier

Players are frequently tempted to leap using a parachute, however, parachutes and attachments aren’t offered in Ammu-Nation armament shops. Parachutes of a dozen colors for every taste will be provided to retailers, as will special signal checkers that attach to the parachutist’s leg and create a colorful smoke trail behind him in flight. Interesting!

In GTA 5, you may discover a free parachute on a tower crane at the Mile High Club construction site in Pillbox Hill and at the Mount Chilliad funicular station. The second parachute is easy to grab; simply walk up and collect it. Climbing the crane takes several minutes. Use a cheat code to acquire a free parachute.

In GTA 5, you may fire while parachuting for the first time. Light weaponry can be utilized, but that’s usually plenty. This was previously only possible in GTA San Andreas when jetpacking. San Andreas locals know extreme entertainment.


Franklin, Michael, and Trevor all have distinct colors. These colors decorate the character’s portrait while switching heroes, main missions and side quests, special zones, and acquired real estate symbols. When you see a mission marker or property indicator, you know who owns the thing or who is available for the work. When moving between heroes, the numbers next to their images reflect how many assignments they have. If you have trouble with the passage, open the switching menu, identify who the task is for, and then conduct any acts with this character that may effect the plot: check mail and answer letters, complete side missions, etc.

The game sometimes blinks the character’s picture to indicate who to switch to. If you momentarily press Alt or the D-pad arrow, the transition will occur. The game will transition to the most relevant character when appropriate, such as if the hero is under fire and might die at any moment.

Ammu-Nation coupons

In real life and in GTA 5, you can never have too much money. Even if you’ve saved a few billion dollars on each character’s account by following our advice, you shouldn’t waste it.

Ammu-Nation, a weapons and equipment business frequented by the game’s three main protagonists, will provide a discount to anybody who passes the shooting range exams. There are only two shooting galleries in San Andreas, both in Los Santos: one near the Simon Etarian auto shop and another near the port. Maps show shops with shooting ranges.

The range costs $14. To obtain a discount, complete three weapon tests. Ammu-Nation offers lifetime discounts of 10%, 15%, and 25% for Bronze, Silver, and Gold members. Since firearms are expensive, complete the shooting range tests as soon as possible to save on the discount. To get a discount for all three major characters, you must complete the shooting range activities three times.

GTA 5 is the first in the series to offer quick ammunition purchases. To buy ammo, choose a weapon from its menu, hit the space bar, and then press Enter. This method saves time, however, Ammu-Nation doesn’t provide bulk savings. Throwing weapons (grenades, gas, sticky bombs) must be purchased separately. This isn’t a major issue since the cast is small.

Helicopter rental

From the start of the game, even the cheapest helicopter at seems unaffordable at $780,000. If you want to see San Andreas from above but don’t have the money, you’ll have to steal an airplane. Our map shows various Los Santos locations with helicopters.

Characters’ helipads may rescue kidnapped helicopters. Trevor will obtain one, along with the Sandy Shores airfield, after finishing the Nervous Ron narrative task. Franklin and Michael will have to buy one at Vespucci Helipads in Los Santos for roughly 420 thousand GTA dollars.

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