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Business Cards Étiquettes




You may think that all you have to do to make the most of a networking event is show up with a stack of freshly printed business cards and pass them around. However, there are certain unspoken norms when it comes to exchanging business cards. To be sure, there is some business etiquette for exchanging business cards.

Sadly, many people either disregard business card etiquette entirely or see it as a silly thing, which may result in lost opportunities.

How well-versed are you in the practice of trading business cards? If you want to learn more about the theoretical foundations of this frequently disputed subject, the following are the most crucial guidelines you should always follow while exchanging business cards.

  • Keep them always ready:

This is perhaps the most crucial piece of business card etiquette advice to keep in mind since it determines whether everything will go as planned. Networking opportunities may come along at any time, but if you don’t have a business card ready for a new contact, you risk missing out on them.

When you leave home, include a few business cards for unexpected encounters. You instantly come off as more professional and are remembered when you have your contact information ready. You are not required to exchange telephone numbers by writing them down on some random paper. Communication would become much more efficient, and unnecessary back and forth would disappear.

  • Keep your cards in good condition:

Since it represents its owner, a business card should always be in perfect condition. Keep your business cards safe from wear and tear by storing them in a case or other suitable container. Smart business cards that are neat and well-kept provide a good first impression to potential clients, which may lead to more engagement.

Additionally, it demonstrates the business card owner’s responsibility and neatness, which will assist customers and trust them. A crucial point to remember is to refrain from writing on any business cards unless required. It could damage how you come across to others.

  • Don’t distribute them everywhere:

Even though business cards are meant to be distributed, you shouldn’t simply hand them out to everyone. Don’t hand out your business cards like they’re campaign handouts. You should never interrupt someone in the middle of a discussion to thrust a business card into their palm. If someone requests one, give it to them.

If you meet someone and immediately want to get in touch with them, you can also ask for their card rather than waiting for them to call you.

  • Follow the professional way of giving cards:

The right hand, the hand of tact, is used for both giving and receiving cards. If you work in customer service or sales, you may politely use both hands to pass out business cards. The text side of a business card should always be seen while handing them out. This eliminates the need for the client to turn the card over before looking at it, simplifying the process.

Furthermore, the customer would appreciate the gesture of respect shown by providing a business card with the correct side facing up.

  • Receive the card courteously:

It is courteous to give a business card a glance after getting it. This little gesture demonstrates that you recognize the significance of the business card. However, having anything they provide discarded in favor of “whatever” is something no one likes to witness. That’s disappointing and demeaning to the extreme.

So, when your acquaintance hands you a card, read it carefully and then carefully store it. Then, demonstrate your appreciation by reacting as if the contact’s time and effort were much appreciated.

  • Keep your cards updated:

Get in touch with the publisher immediately if any of your contact information changes so that they can reprint your business cards. Business cards with an out-of-date email address or phone number should not be distributed. Instead of the old card, hand out the latest cards with correct information. In a business atmosphere, behaviors like this would not be accepted and will hamper your image in the corporate world.

Final words:

Even though business etiquette is sometimes disregarded and seen as optional, it is always a good idea to follow these rules, no matter how clear or basic they may seem. There is no such thing as a too-small action when creating and maintaining a great business connection.

Remember, being well-versed in business card etiquette is a great approach to add polish to your networking skills.

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