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CNN November 10 – 12, 2021




A look at Veterans Day events, the U.S. and beyond, is the focus of our first report this Friday. From here, we look at how new technologies can provide comprehensive statistical data on organized sports. And we show you how a centenarian has just set a world record on the track.

1. Which federal government department, established in 1913, recently published its monthly employment report showing a total of 531,000 jobs in October?

2. On Sunday, the U.S. “backtracked” from daylight saving time to what other civil time?

3. What is the name of the music festival where a growing crowd caused numerous injuries and deaths during a concert last weekend?

4. In which European nation is a “bubble barrier” being tested as a means of preventing plastic waste from floating across a canal to the sea?

5. An increase in migrants is posing challenges at various borders of the European Union with which nation?

6. Which European country, which shares a border with the answer to question 5, says it has stopped more than 32,000 attempts at illegal entry since September?

7. Between last October and this October, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that consumer prices rose by what percentage, the highest jump in more than 30 years?

8. At what memorial site, located in Arlington National Cemetery, were members of the American public recently allowed access for the first time in 96 years?

9. Before it was formally called Veterans Day, the holiday commemorated on November 11 was known as what?

10. In 1980, sports writer Bill James coined what term of a word for the detailed baseball statistics described by the Society of American Baseball Research?

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