Secure Internet Gateways: Best Safe Web Gateways for 2022

In terms of importance, the browser has surpassed all other desktop tools. If your business uses the cloud, you’re relying on technology that’s been around for more than two decades. Unsurprisingly, a new exploit, data loss, or security breach is discovered every week. Traditional browsers were not built with today’s world in mind, leaving infrastructure flaws exposed. Organizations, thus require a browser that is built on the principles of security and control.

Web security dangers escalated with the introduction of the internet and are now spreading in a variety of forms, with or without the users’ knowledge. As a result, it’s best for users to stick with internet connections that offer a safe internet connection, such as Spectrum internet. Spectrum provides a safe and secure connection for your home or office. It is the first and most crucial step in ensuring cyber security.

Keeping up with the trend of web security, users and especially organizations demand a browser that is founded on the ideas of security and control. Continue reading if you’re seeking a safe online gateway for your company to protect your operations from malicious interference. We’ve compiled a list of the finest Safe Web Gateways for 2022.

1.      Silo by Authentic8

To take full advantage of the web, the browser must be safe, and the functionality available must be adjusted to match the unique demands of the user’s job.

That’s why Authentic8 created Silo, a cloud-based one-time-use browser. Silo creates a new browser at the start of each session and destroys it at the end. All online content is executed in a secure sandbox in the cloud, with only the encrypted display data being sent to the user’s device. Between the data, the device, and the web, Silo creates a perfect insulating barrier.

Silo is based on a principle that allows the browser to function in accordance with the task at hand. It develops a general-purpose browser that doesn’t disclose your devices or network if you need to access the web. Silo may also be used to lock the browser in order to prevent data leaks. With all the functionalities, Silo can be easily regarded as one of the best Safe Web Gateways to use.

2.      Zscaler Web Security

Zscaler Web Security is a cloud-native security service edge (SSE) solution that relies on the company’s decade-long leadership in secure web gateways. It’s available as a robust SaaS platform from the world’s largest security cloud, and it replaces old network security solutions with a complete network security strategy to resist sophisticated threats and avoid data loss.

Zscaler’s dashboard operations are simple to use, with quick informative alternatives that provide you with real-time security statistics throughout your enterprise. The bulk of corporate users are solely concerned with preventing viruses from infecting their computers or mobile devices- Zscaler is the ideal option since it provides the desired security without requiring any user involvement – it operates in the backdrop while you go about your everyday business.

3.      McAfee Web Gateway

The cloud-native web security solution, McAfee Web Gateway is a high-performance on-premises web security solution that may be installed as an embedded system or a virtual machine. This web Gateway, which combines McAfee’s security solutions such as McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, provides high-performance web security as an on-premises device, safeguarding networks from cyber threats.

The finest element is its versatile hybrid deployment methodology: for high availability, it may be installed on-site, on the cloud, or both. Because it contains a big intelligence database, McAfee Web Gateway is a great secure web gateway for all sorts of enterprises that want to accomplish security for their users.

4.      Symantec Secure Gateway

A safe gateway is more vital than ever in today’s continuously changing threat landscape. Various mobile devices, applications, and browsers may employ different URLs, instructions, and procedures to provide the same functionality, in addition to bandwidth and scalability constraints. This necessitates more advanced cloud-based application management.

The Symantec Secure Web Gateway package is a versatile method to providing a trusted and secure web gateway that may be installed on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. Symantec’s Web protection Suite features a unified administration, reporting, and policy-control interface, as well as some of Symantec’s most effective security solutions for protecting employees from malicious online content.

As a result, it’s safe to state that Symantec Web Gateway is one of the most secure internet gateways available in 2022.

5. N-able Mail Assure

Many clients are constantly assaulted with threats via email, which has become the main attack channel. Expecting end users to out-think every assault is tough and impractical. N-able Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution that protects against email-related cyber-attacks by utilizing collective threat information, long-term email archiving, and 24/7 email consistency.

Secure email gateways, such as N-able Mail Assure, are a type of email control software that scans outgoing and incoming emails for malicious content and prevents the spread of any form of cyber threat before it reaches your clients’ corporate email accounts. By combining real-time pattern threat recognition and machine learning technology, the N-able Mail Assure Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine can assist in combatting cyberattacks like phishing, impersonation, and social engineering assaults.

To wrap it all

By blocking malware, the Secure Online Gateway, or SWG, protects web surfers. Remote users can utilize the Secure Web Gateway to transfer their traffic straight to the cloud, where it is processed and security policies are enforced. Using a high-security internet gateway has a number of advantages, including avoiding hairpinning and simplifying network architecture. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest safe web gateways to employ for your organization’s security practices this year.


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