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COMMENTARY: Psaki Blames Trump for Biden Admin Forcing Migrant Kids to Sleep on the Floor




Now that the humanitarian crisis has been created by President Joe Biden on the country’s southern border with the White House on the ropes almost daily, the administration is used to blaming the influx of unaccompanied children on former President Donald Trump.

Trump, who left office on Jan. 20, of course, left a gift to the successor regarding border enforcement. But Biden’s rhetoric on illegal immigration has seen people flow across the border in record numbers. The formerly stable border is now a superhighway for illegal immigration and for children traveling alone.

Those who pretended to hate the boys in the camps, or “prisons“Like calling them during the Trump administration, are fighting for a life line while countless are in the care of Customs and Border Protection, with more coming every day.

This week, Republican lawmakers finally had enough of the crisis, to be avoided. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy actually visited the border near El Paso, Texas, on Monday and pointed the finger at Biden for quagmire.

The GOP is nailing the new president over the matter and doing so early in his presidency.

No one is more desperate to avoid that issue than the White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Asked about the crisis of “PBS NewsHour”Letter Yamiche Alcindor on Monday, Psaki ducked and found a familiar boogeyman: Trump

“There were lawyers who interviewed some children who were in the facility. The children described sleeping on the floor, starving, not – not seeing the sun for days,” Alcindor said. “How is this acceptable for the management of Biden to keep kids in these kinds of conditions in the fact you said you were going to be an administration that would be more humane than before? ”

Psaki, according to a White House official transcript, called the situation, created by his administration, “a very emotional issue for many people.”

“We’re trying to do what is a dismantled and unprepared system because of the role of the last administration. It will take some time, but we have a clear vision about what the problems are and are focused on putting in place solutions,” he said. he said, blaming the Trump administration for the Democrat crisis.

Psaki’s answer was not enough for Alcindor.

“But the kids are hungry, sleeping on the floor, not allowed outside many days at a time – why is it acceptable to continue even one more day?” Alcindor asked in a follow-up. “Why is that something that’s not banned now? How can the administration not prevent that now?”

“Well, Yamiche, this is not acceptable. But I think the challenge here is not so many options. So the choices are – and we have a lot of critics, but a lot of them don’t put in a lot of solutions, ”Psaki said.

“The options here are: Take the children back on travel, send them to homeless homes, or work to expedite their transition to shelters where they can get health treatment by medical doctors, by educational resources, legal advice, mental health advice, “he added. “That’s exactly what we’re focused on doing. And it’s an effort that across the administration that we’re focused on, from the top to making changes as soon as possible. “

There was Democrats their pro-illegal immigration conversation points are not crowded, seen and monitored by the whole world, so there will no longer be a need to find housing, health care and counseling for most of these children. Children do not often make decisions to travel to the borders of ad deserts. Children are influenced by adults who, in this case, are convinced that the “migrant president,” as Biden were called to Mexico, wanting them here in the midst of a global pandemic.

Because of the language of the administration, Biden, Psaki and frankly everyone who supported this nonsensical group of people own this crisis. The kids are back in “cages,” and it seems larger number than before.

Who’s at fault? magkatakata.

The man working full time to raise the border, enforcing the country’s immigration laws and inheriting his own mess from the Obama / Biden administration is a convenient scapegoat for the Biden administration. But it is clear that even the most ardent leftist reporter is willing to buy the line that he is to blame and just forget the subject.

The border crisis has now brought what should be an alarming frequency for a White House with the entire corporate media in its pocket. However, the administration is trying to frame some positives as a victory for Biden as every crisis is Trump’s fault. That standard applies to the ongoing pandemic, the economy and now the border.

But yes Psaki the sale, for now, is not enough – even for a leftist like Alcindor.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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