The Best Hats for Men for Any Formal Occasion – The Stylish Options to Select From

Today, most people look at a hat as a statement piece. That’s the reason why hats are looked upon as a casual accessory. It could be something that you can experiment with on a daily basis with your casual wear.

It is here most people think differently. Just because an accessory has a casual element, it doesn’t mean you can’t attach a classy vibe to it. Some hats can prove to be an excellent accessory for men when you opt-in for their formalwear. You can search for the best western hats for men and take your pick for the one that suits best to your taste.

A word of advice

Before we move on to discussing the hats that can work well with your formal wear, here’s a piece of advice. There is no exact dress code for formalwear. It means you can choose the attire and accessories that you want to use for your formalwear. And it’s always best to do so. From the shoes to the coat and the hat, make sure that it has an individual style. Also, it’s essential to be comfortable in what you wear as that will add to your style and won’t make you feel awkward or feel out of place in any way.

The best hats for formal occasions

  • Flat cap

When you look at a few vintage hat styles that are popular in modern times, you have to count on the flat cap. Thought the hat got originated to get worn especially by people of the working place, today it has embraced ample prestige. Some people call this an “Ivy Cap”, since it gets associated with the Ivy League schools. However, when you are wearing this hat for a formal occasion, you can select a neutral shade that will match with your entire attire. Make sure to select a hat in a classy pattern, for instance herringbone and plaid as that will add an element of sophistication to the hat.

  • Fedora

If you take a look at the 20th-century fashion scene, you will find that fedoras were a dominant fashion accessory. That gives this hat type a debonair, old-fashioned charm, which makes them a perfect fit for any formal occasion. You can pair your fedora with a formal suit which will look classy anytime you wear it. You can even opt-in for hats that come with a cut similar to fedora. For instance, the Panama hat will give you a similar crease like the fedora. It gets made with lightweight material and comes with a sloped brim. All this makes it a perfect hat for the formal occasion. At times, the trilby can also work well with a formal dress code.

  • Boater

Usually, the straw hats get a casual connotation. Mostly people think of the hats that one wears while working in the garden or in a beach. One exception here is the straw boater hat. Similar to the fedora, the boater hat has a stiff brim and a flat top. If you go back to the 1920s and check out the hat scene, you will find something similar. Whoever wears this hat will feel a carefree vibe and it can also get paired well with a suit when you are heading for an outdoor event. Regardless, of whether you are going to a garden party or a banquet, this hat will be the best accessory for formal wear. Today, several makers provide the best boater hat collection for you to choose from.

  • Panama hat

You will find this hat to be lightweight and available in light shades. The classy Panama is a best friend during a warm weather and can also bring in fun vibes. It originates from Ecuador and usually gets made from the toquilla palm plant leaves. Hence, the hat is robust and is also breathable. Are you thinking how can you sport a Panama hat? You can use this as your summertime accessory when you are heading for a formal occasion. You can either wear this with a casual shirt and khaki pants or pair it up with a formal suit.

  • Pork Pie

The pork pie is one hat that can be a great fashion accessory for formal occasions. Walter White and Buster Keaton have worn it, which added to its popularity. The hat gets this name for having similarities with the British pork pie. It’s also taken to be a close cousin to a fedora because of the flat crown and the crease that moves inside the top edge. Furthermore, it also has a brim that gets curled a little upwards. And when you have to think about suit and pork pie hat combos, you can safely place it as a smart formal dress code. You can opt-in for a formal shirt, blue blazer, khaki pants and add a pork pie hat and you know you can’t go wrong with it.

  • Bucket hat

If you look at the modern-day hat scene, you will realize that the bucket hat has made a great comeback. Consider this to be a great hat for men who want to look good in formal wear yet have an air of being casual. Once you have a bucket hat, you can either dress down or dress up. When you opt-in for a bucket hat that hails from a designer brand, you will be making a very strong fashion statement with your formal dress code. In fact, you will get several compliments for sporting this hat. The hat has a brim that slopes downward and it can suit those men who have a pale skin tone. Also, the hat is made to be durable. That means you don’t have to worry about the basic wear and tear, as the hat is long-lasting.

Men love their formal wear because it makes them appear classy and sophisticated. It adds a spark to their overall personality. And a hat can always take the formal look a notch higher. Hence, if you have been searching for hats that can help you flaunt the best formal look for formal occasions, you can count on the hats mentioned above and take the one you like and will complement your persona.

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