DEGIRO Minimum Deposit and Deposit Methods

If you want to trade or make investments with a lower amount, this broker is suitable. It’s a wonderful broker to use in the beginning of your investment career because you may eventually add additional money to your account as you gain experience monitoring your assets. Brokers who don’t demand a minimum deposit do so to encourage customers to try their service without putting a major cost burden on them.

To start a DEGIRO account, you must make a $0 dollar investment. There are certain brokers who demand several thousand dollars.

Deposits of money

Each forex broker has a currency pair, meaning the broker will keep the funds you deposit there. You may be able to open additional brokerage accounts with different base currencies at some brokers. For instance, IG allows customers to have accounts with both EUR and USD currency.

Why is this important? If you deposit in a currency other than the exchange rate of the target brokerage account, a currency conversion fee will be assessed.

Deposit fees for DEGIRO

There is no deposit fee with DEGIRO. This is one of the best paper trading platform, because the broker won’t take anything away from your deposits, leaving you to figure the fees assessed by the bank or other entity you use to send the money.

Steps for sending the minimum deposit

Step 1 : Create a broker account.

You may open a trading account online with the majority of firms. You must put personal information to create an account, such as your date of birth or employment status, and there is typically a test to determine your level of financial knowledge as well.

Verifying your identification and residency is the final step in creating an account. A copy of your ID card and a document that verifies your evidence of citizenship, like a bank statement, are typically required for this verification. Use our broker picker tool if you are unsure about which broker is best for you.

Step 2: Put money down.

You must first log in to your already established trading account and locate the depositing option. You then choose a deposit method that the broker accepts, input the deposit amount, and complete the deposit.

Step 3: Review your transaction

Your deposit may not appear on your brokerage account for a few days, depending on the method you choose. When this occurs, the brokers will typically email you to confirm that the deposit has been accepted.

Method of Deposit

You must deposit funds directly into DEGIRO’s bank in order to register for your minimum investment. Although this may seem a little strange, it is actually one of the easiest ways to pay because bank to bank transfers eliminate any intermediaries and enable them to maintain low prices.

All transfers must also be made in your base currency, which is GBP. Any payment sent in a currency other than British pounds will be changed into that currency, and the transmitting or receiving bank may charge currency conversion fees.

DEGIRO accepts only the one deposit method listed below:

Only transfers from bank accounts in your name and from countries that are accepted are permitted via BANK TRANSFER DEGIRO.

One bank account must be registered in your name and connected to your DEGIRO account at registration. Your DEGIRO account is primarily tied to this bank account. Your money may only be withdrawn from DEGIRO and deposited into this bank account.

DEGIRO is the best paper trading platform does not support any third-party applications, including TransferWise and PayPal. Any transfer made from a bank account belonging to a third party will be returned to that account.

Options Minimum balance in the account

Options are offered by DEGIRO on 12 exchanges. Various risk and difficulty levels are present in options trading methods. You can only carry out some risky trade types if you have a margin account, such as selling call options on stocks you don’t own or writing an exposed put option. However, cash accounts also allow for less risky trading methods like buying a call option.

Keep in mind that the minimum size for trading options is 1 contract, which equals 100 shares of the underlying asset.


Now that you are conscious of DEGIRO’s minimum deposit and minimum balance requirements and how they differ from one another, you can make an informed decision. Read our article on margin calls and short selling if you want to learn more. The bare minimum is the amount required to sign up for a brand-new online broker account.

The minimum account balance is the amount you need to keep in your margin account or account for trading leveraged items in order to avoid costs.

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