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Eoin Morgan finds a silver lining despite defeat 




Eoin Morgan was in a reflexive mood after England lost for India with seven goalkeepers in the second T20I in Ahmedabad. He praised India for their clinical effort, but was happy to have gained experience on a challenging basis.

India retaliated with an all-out victory in the second game of a five-match series. The hosts won and bowled well to limit England to 164-6. In response, Virat Kohli and debutant Ishan Kishan scored half a century as India completed the chase with more than two cars.

Commenting on the defeat during the presentation after the match, Eoin Morgan explained why he was not too disappointed with the failure, saying in this regard:

“The biggest thing for us tonight is that we don’t have the opportunity to play a lot on slow goalposts where the tempo outside the ball is challenging for both hitters and bowlers. We want to play (on these backgrounds) as much as possible to try to learn from tonight and other experiences during this series. I’m glad we played on this wicket. Just a little disappointed with the way we played. “

Eoin Morgan and co-workers started their shifts well, scoring more than eight runs in the initial period. At one stage they were 111/3 and watched the challenging overall score on the track. But India continued to divide, as some great bowling by the host England was limited to just 164/5.

Asked to comment on the impact of the beating in England, Eoin Morgan said he was confident in his team’s chances at that interval. Eoin Morgan is credited with the Indian bowling effort, but claimed he was unable to counter them.

“I think we were probably in a pair and around halfway in the phase, so we were in the game. I thought we were going to have to bow well to cross the line. I thought India was a good bowler. The field was different from the one in the first game. Probably less pace on that. But all credit to India for the way they bowled and the way they limited us to that total. They went bowling and put us on our hind legs from the start, and we failed to parry that, which is disappointing, ”said Eoin Morgan.

Eoin Morgan wants England to improve rolling while hitting first

The first two games of the Indo-English series saw a clear pattern of the team hitting first, struggling to come to terms with the surface and failing a challenging total.

With a chasing team that could better assess the conditions, both India and England easily finished the chases in the first two games of the series.

Eoin Morgan admitted that chasing has always been an advantage in the T20I. But the 34-year-old wants England to focus on improving their efforts as they strike first, explaining how it can help them win the games.

Statistically speaking, there is always an advantage to (while) chasing. Especially if there is a little dew around. There was absolutely no dew around tonight. Kudos to India for their way of playing. I think one thing that every team in the world has to get used to is published in total. “Find areas early, especially in the first 10 overs where you can counter the opposition’s attack and announce the winning, if not the total,” Morgan concluded.

Posted March 14, 2021, 11:44 PM IST