A Guide to Cleaning Silver Trophies

Trophies are important since they carry the evidence of winning. They show success and achievement, which does not come easily. If you have a trophy, it likely has sentimental value. Being a sense of pride, most people tend to take good care of their trophies. Do you want your trophies to be as shiny and appealing as when you first got them? Read on.

How Silver Trophies Tarnish

Employee service awards are an excellent way to keep employees happy and motivated, and many organizations present them annually to recognize achievements. Silver trophies have the most significant appeal due to their shiny nature. They are held second in value after gold trophies. Consequently, we see the value put into them.

However, they do not have the same shiny appeal when exposed to air and humidity. Oxidation occurs, and the trophy loses its shiny luster. However, this does not happen to the entire trophy but only to the exposed parts. The inner part of the silver trophy remains the same as before, meaning it can be taken back to its original form by good effective cleaning. Some of the ways you can achieve this are by cleaning your silver trophies as follows:

  • Washing with Plain Water

Most of the dirt and dust can be washed off with plain water. Nevertheless, to be more effective, you should wash it with water and soap. Using regular detergent instead of soap, rinse the trophies with plain water. After that, wipe your silver trophy with a silverware drying pad if you have one. If not, do not worry, you can use any soft cloth. Please avoid using any abrasive material since it scratches the trophy, leaving marks on it.

  • Spa Bathing

You’ll need aluminum foil, baking soda, and boiling water for this step. Plug your sink to prevent the water from draining. Cover the entire sink with aluminum foil as this helps with the ionization of the metal. Pour the boiling water into the foiled sink. Ensure it is sufficient to submerge your silver trophies.

After that, leave the water to cool as the trophy is immersed in it. Once the water is cool, remove your silver trophy and wipe it with a soft, smooth cloth to avoid scratching it. Drying it off entirely is essential to prevent ionization.

  • Wash the Silver Trophy with Mint Solution

An excellent example of a mint solution is toothpaste. The important thing is that it cannot harm your trophy. Instead, apply toothpaste on the trophy’s surface and rub it gently with your finger. It is advisable when doing this to do it in one direction.

Leave it for a few minutes, then rinse with clean plain water. Then, dry it off with a smooth piece of cloth. Although it may sometimes have a few scratches, it will have the same shiny luster. However, this is not the only solution for cleaning silver trophies. Other recommended solutions are ammonia solutions, club soda, and vinegar.

  • Polishing Your Silver Trophy

Ensure you have a silver wadding polish, then rub it onto the trophy. You will begin to see black residue coming off the trophy as you do this. Rub it onto the entire trophy surface to achieve an even luster. Once done, rub it off with a soft piece of cloth. It is preferable to rub it in one direction to leave a smooth, shiny surface and avoid leaving scratches on your silver trophy. Keep on wiping until the trophy looks brand new.

Storing Your Silver Trophies

When displaying or packing away your silver trophies or silver-plated awards, it is advisable to place silica sachets with them. These sachets help absorb moisture, thus reducing the rate at which the silver trophies tarnish.

It is evident that people treasure their trophies and consider them as great things of value. Indeed, they are a reflection of your hard work and your achievements. For example, showing off trophies on the mantle of your home or displaying them on your desk at work has long been the mainstay of trophy awardees.

The glow they ooze off when well-maintained is exciting and attractive and a great reminder that your efforts do not go unnoticed. Therefore, knowing how to clean, store and maintain your silver trophy.


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