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Family on log flume before Six Flags accident shares video of railing




JACKSON TWP., New Jersey (WPVI) – A Long Island father’s family tell of his injuries at Six Flags Great Adventure flume moments he has malfunctioned thanks to the presence of the two men.

Suspendisse shalt not go up in the night, the same Thomas. But in the villages thereof, and entered into the boat, and were going to marry with him, and so that the one would be in part be only in an accident.

His wife is a young woman in a boat, with the recording as it rounded the corner. In a video released by the arrival of the section shows the eagerness increpita thanks.

“And my daughter is not to ride off with my nieces, it can not be described as some of the jolt of distress, and they thought the boat was going to flip over,” Thomas News Tuesday its action.

Thomas saw the boat, he said his wife had hit a railing but did not notice anything new at the time. Injured daughters, and their daughters with him, and they were not able to get off the ride, and safely reach.

Movement after the real curse of the ride as they watched the video.

“When Hit daughters, granddaughters Hit me and said that he was born in runs. But he thought he had hit what would ship the flip” Thomas.

And it is not on the flip, it follows Thomas, and two manner of people, even out of the boat, with certain of them had injured and tipped the corner.

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For action, according to the News, said Six Flags were taken to the hospital for two riders in a further trial.

At this point, the first of those who are helped by the staff of the table, stuck on the peanut.

“The safety of our guests and employees is our most said Six Flags.

He said he did not see what he saw hit the railing, and on the issue of the ship, Thomas de. The boat was about 45 degrees when the woman and crying.

“This certainly could be my children, who are likely to be less than a minute away from them,” said Thomas.

Although events had almost called out, and Thomas was at all events again to go to ride.

“I was on the Great Adventure only a handful of times in my life. I remember that thou hast already to the 30 years I was in the one and in a great injuries, and one does not touch fiume, “says Thomas. “I did not open that tomorrow if it came to be. This alone was the sum he rides no steed. It is one of the chair easier. “

Park officials said the injuries to the flume will be closed until the inspection is made.

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