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Here’s Why A Watch Strap Is More Than Just An Accessory



This is the second installment in the “Here’s Why” series. I will be discussing an idea that enthusiasts may have thought about but not discussed. Last time, I discussed the relationship between watches and motorbikes. This time, we’ll be discussing the critical component of a wristwatch.

Today we’ll be talking about watch fossil watch strap. They are the universal “accessory” that can completely alter a person’s perception of a timepiece. The strap is almost as important as the mechanicals of a wristwatch. It is the most essential component that you use on your wristwatch.

Here’s the second edition, “Here’s Why”

More than an accessory

All things are intimately connected to rubber, wings, shutters, and watch straps.

You ask, “How?”

All of them are “function critical” parts for certain machines.

An engine can be an engineering masterpiece, the most responsive suspension, and all of the cutting-edge electronics that govern performance. Without rubber tires, the car will go nowhere. Because the tires can be used on all platforms, they are the most useful aspect of a car.

The wings of an aircraft are the same. Whatever the type of plane you have, you will need a wing to lift it. Although you can have many different designs and concepts for almost every component, a wing is required for liftoff.

Cameras are the same. A pinhole camera is the most basic camera on the planet. It only requires one moving component: a shutter slide. Cameras would not work without the ability to open or close a hole that allows light, or other electromagnetic radiation to reach the light-sensitive media.

It could be argued, however, that these are not “function critical” components. Even my own components can be modified. However, once you do this it creates the need to have a new “function critical” component.

There are many components that make a machine different.

It’s the same with a wristwatch. It may have been obvious that I don’t say “watch”, but instead use “wristwatch.” This is because a pocket watch, and a wristwatch, are different machines. Although they share many components, they are clearly related. However, one component is more important than the rest.

This is the watch strap.

The hornback leather strap complements Antoine Preziuso’s Tourbillon of Tourbillons perfectly

Critical component

The watch strap is what transforms a watch from a watch to a wristwatch. You will have a small pocket watch or clock without this fossil watch leather strap (and bracelets are included in this definition). You could mount the watch in a case and hang it from your car’s dashboard to make a dash clock. It would also look very small if it was placed on your desk.

Watch straps are what turn a watch or clock into a wristwatch. It is essential that the watch strap can be securely held on your wrist so that you can see the time at a glance. A strap is not just an accessory for a wristwatch; it is why it exists.

Many aspects of wristwatches were designed specifically to be worn on the wrist. All of these functions and components depend on the bracelet or strap’s ability to perform their job.

If the bracelet or strap fails even once, the wristwatch will most likely be permanently damaged or long gone.

This would also mean that any fancy features such as the unidirectional dial, the screw-down crown, and the repeater slides of some wristwatches, are completely useless if your wristwatch isn’t on your wrist.

It’s easy to see why bracelets and straps are so important.

A few NATO Straps left the NATO Strap Company

More than a single strip of material

This is why there has been so much thought, design, engineering and problem-solving about how the watch is worn. The NATO strap, also known as a G10, is the first and most obvious example.

Wimbledon-colored NATO strap for a Maurice de Mauriac watch

The G10 was originally designed to be a waterproof, failsafe watch strap for military personnel. It can now be used to secure any wristwatch and make it “elements-proof”. Double keeper allows for the failure of any spring bar without risking your wristwatch.


The deployant is the latest modern style, thanks to the inventions of solid link bracelets and screw bars. It is often worn on a leather strap. This gives it a classic look and retains the security of the deployant clasp that is permanently attached to bracelets.

While metal bracelet technology has seen many variations over the years, many of them have been designed to provide added security and long-lasting durability. For a solid example, take a look at the original Rolex oyster bracelet (and the updated modern versions).

Bovet offers a variety of options for quick-release, stud-based connections. The Bovet Fleurier Amadeo models have a strap that has extending studs, which are secured by a catch in the case. Linde Werdelin offers a variant of this design that uses a strap with extruding, screw-down studs. This is based on another strap that has slid in two screws and is secured with two screws.

Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Braveheart Tourbillon has a strap that can be easily clipped on and off

This is the most functional component.

You now understand why and how the watch band is important for the intended use of the wristwatch. I’d like to make the controversial statement that the strap is the most useful component you have to interact with on the wristwatch.

Although it’s a semantic argument, this is still true in all cases (except for one). Frequency of use is the reason.

Ostrich leather strap featuring distinctive dark spots at the quills

The strap is the most used component. Do you need the crown or the chronograph pushers? These are only necessary when you adjust the time, or use the chronograph. This might not be often, or even every day. The bracelet or strap is what you need if your wristwatch needs to be worn every day.

You can only claim to own a wristwatch if you don’t touch it every day. You might not be able to have a functioning wristwatch if you use other components. However, without a sturdy and fully supporting strap to attach the timepiece to your wrist you will have a desk clock.

The warm red gold Ulysse Nardin dual time case is perfectly complemented by the brown leather strap.


If you choose, the watchstrap can be used as an accessory. But it is not the only function. It is rare to see the watchstrap as an accessory in recent years.

NATO straps have become increasingly popular due to the availability of many colors and patterns in a variety of materials. The NATO strap is a simple and practical strap, but it’s also popular with watch enthusiasts who use it for watches that are not likely to get wet or take any beating.

Fashion designers and popular culture are now co-opting something with a true purpose and intent.

Although I enjoy the increase in watch interest due to this, I find it hard to believe that people are forgetting about an element that is doing a lot more than their movement. As I mentioned, trust must be in your watch strap.

The strap continues to be bright yellow thanks to the indications and satellites of Urwerk UR-105.

The watch strap is not just an accessory, it is a part of the wristwatch’s soul.

It provides flair, and that is certainly fun. But it also protects against loss, damage or just plain bad luck.

The watch strap is an “essential” component and interacts with every use of the wristwatch.

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