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Finance Managers: 5 Ways to Challenge Your Employees



Motivating finance employees is tough. Once workers are settled, they don’t like to push themselves. That’s a shame.

A challenging work environment is a productive and fulfilling one. Employees need to be challenged to feel appreciated. Challenges will also encourage the team to work harder.

Here are five easy ways you can challenge your employees.

1. Competitions

Bring out the competitive side in everyone.

Create some fun, easy competitions in the office.

These competitions don’t even have to be work-related.

Fun activities will keep people engaged at work. They will also give everyone something else to think about.

The brain needs variety to be productive.

Change things up every once in a while. Don’t always have the same games.

Challenges you could set up are chess competitions or fitness goals. Board games are activities that everyone loves. You don’t need any training, either.

Encourage your employees to stay healthy by setting fitness goals in place.

See who can do the fastest mile.

If your team isn’t the fittest, make smaller goals.

Use a step-tracker to see who can make the most steps in a single day.

Rewards don’t need to be big.

Something as simple makes for a fun reward.

2. Travel

Push your employees out of their comfort zones.

Send them to an industry conference. Or encourage business trips.

If you’re up to it, organize an office trip.

There are lots of hotels catering to business groups. And travel expenses are tax deductible!

These hotels specialize in making your event one of a kind.

Retreats are a great opportunity for team building. It’s also a great way for remote teams to get to know each other.

Most remote workers miss the office camaraderie.

They love working from home, but they’d like to get to know their co-workers.

A business retreat is the perfect opportunity for that.

It’s also a good way for you to know your staff. You don’t need to become best friends, but it’s always good to know what motivates people.

Encourage your staff to travel for fun, too.

Travel is the best way to learn about the world.

Ask about their past trips.

Maybe you’ll get some ideas for your next vacation.

3. Teambuilding

Take your team out for some fun.

Team building activities may be cheesy. But everyone secretly loves them.

Let everyone unleash their inner child at a laser tag center.

Or head to a batting cage to do some sports.

Ask your staff what they like to do in their free time.

Everyone has different interests. Try to find a variety of activities.

Sports aren’t for everyone.

Heading to the park for a hike could be considered teambuilding.

Or learn to cook something as a group.

Check out a local cooking class. Or see about art classes.

If there’s nothing in your area, come up with something.

Virtual trivia games and icebreakers are ideal for remote teams.

Just because you’ve never met doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Everyone wants to know their team.

4. Books

Start an office book club.

Encourage your employees to stay mentally active.

Read some of the best business books from this year.

Finance teams love business books.

The great thing about finance is that it’s always changing.

You can always find something new to learn or talk about.

Maybe do some research into cryptocurrencies.

Or learn something about emerging market economies.

Turn this into a competition. See who can read the most books in a month.

Books don’t have to be finance-related to be interesting.

5. Creativity

Everyone has an artist hiding inside.

Encourage your financial nerds to embrace their creative side.

Have a photography competition.

See who can take the best photos of the office.

Or who can draw the office the best. Or create a poem about your team.

Maybe there’s a musician hiding in your group.

You won’t know until you ask.

Finance people tend to be shy. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable.

If someone doesn’t want to get creative, don’t push them.

Set a good example and write a poem yourself.


Finance doesn’t have to be dull. It can be a challenging, fun, and rewarding field. You just need to get creative.

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