HankoX: Is It Better Than MetaTrader?

Since 2018, Hankotrade has been committed to one objective: Providing its clients with the best and most competitive trading environment.

The broker provides a range of different accounts to fit the needs of other traders. It offers tight spreads and a reasonable commission structure to cut down the trading costs, and best of all, it swiftly processes withdrawals. Hankotrade has all the features to bear the title of one of the best Forex brokers in the market.

From 2018 to 2023, the broker provided its clients access to one of the industry’s most trusted and popular trading terminals, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. However, recently, the broker shifted from MetaTrader to HankoX, built upon the foundation of ActTrader to provide its clients a more advanced and cutting-edge trading platform. 

Was this the right decision by Hankotrade?

Is the new trading platform, HankoX, better than MetaTrader?

Let’s find out in this article. 

HankoX Web Application 

HankoX Web Application builds upon the established foundation of ActTrader, a trusted platform known for its speed and stability in high-volume trading environments (over 100 ticks per second per instrument). 

HankoX a step further by providing a web-responsive application, customization options, and dedicated support to cater to your specific trading style and preferences.

  • Craft Your Ideal Workspace

Traders can easily arrange charts, market data, risk reports, and alerts in a layout that suits their workflow. They can also save multiple layouts for different trading strategies for optimal efficiency.

  • Gain Deep Market Insights

 Traders can also utilize powerful visual analytics tools to examine market data across 11 timeframes. Moreover, they can employ various indicators and analytical objects to uncover trends and make informed trading decisions.

  • Execute Trades Efficiently

Pre-built order templates allow for quick and streamlined trade entry to traders. Furthermore, the speed and precision of HankoX accurately estimate potential profit and loss before committing real capital.

  • Manage Risk Effectively

Risk is inevitable in the trading world. While there is no way to eradicate risks entirely, HankoX makes it easier for traders to monitor real-time margin usage, exposure, and positions. Traders can create custom alerts and implement risk management actions to confidently navigate the market.

  • Trade from Any Device

The trading terminal is available as a web application instead of a downloadable app. Hence, traders can use the platform on any device and browser to log into their account and start trading. 

HankoX offers the power and flexibility of ActTrader with the added benefit of a personalized trading experience.

Hanko X Web Application for Android and iOS 

The HankoX web application can be seamlessly used on mobile devices without downloading specific applications. 

Mobile applications offer traders convenience and quick access to the trading world. However, these applications are pretty heavy and occupy a lot of space, which leads to lagging slower device speed, and lesser functionality. All of which can have tremendous effects on trade.

To overcome this issue, HankoX is available as a web application, so no downloads are required! Users can simply open their browser, log on to https://trade.hankotrade.com/, and start trading. 

Here’s why HankoX Web is your perfect mobile trading companion:

  • Lightweight & Responsive

 No bulky app downloads are needed! HankoX Web is built for speed and adapts seamlessly to any screen size, ensuring smooth operation on your mobile device.

  • Instant Access, Anywhere

Forget location limitations. Access your trading world anytime, anywhere, with just a web browser.

  • Simple Setup, Powerful Features

No need to hunt for specific apps and download them. You can bypass app stores entirely. Open HankoX Web in your browser and unlock the same advanced tools and features you’d find on your desktop.

  • One-Click Convenience

 Transform HankoX Web into a permanent fixture on your home screen with a single tap. Be ready to capitalize on market opportunities the moment they arise.

How To Add HankoX on the Home Screen For Quick Access?

Access your trading account anytime, anywhere, with HankoX Web. It works seamlessly on Android and iOS devices, delivering the same powerful features as the desktop app. Turning HankoX Web into a permanent fixture on your home screen is a breeze.

Here’s how:

For Android: Log on to https://trade.hankotrade.com/. Tap the menu button in your browser and select “Add to Home Page.”

For iOS: Tap the “Share” icon and choose “Add to Home Screen.”

You can also watch the following video tutorial on how to add HankoX on the Home Screen for one-tap access:

With a single tap, HankoX Web becomes readily available, allowing you to react quickly to market opportunities.

HankoX V/S MetaTrader: Which One Is Better? 

HankoX (based upon ActTrader) and MetaTrader are established trading platforms, each with strengths. Here’s a comparison to help you decide which might be a better fit for your needs:

  • Speed and Execution

HankoX boasts exceptional speed, handling over 100 ticks per second per instrument. This can be crucial for high-frequency trading. MetaTrader, while slower, may still be sufficient for many traders.

  • Customization

 HankoX excels in customization. You can design your workspace with specific charts, data feeds, and risk management tools. MetaTrader offers a more basic layout.

  • Advanced Analysis

 HankoX provides a broader range of charting tools and analytical objects than MetaTrader. This can be beneficial for traders who rely heavily on technical analysis.

  • Automation

HankoX features a visual strategy editor, allowing you to build and automate custom strategies without coding. MetaTrader may require additional scripting knowledge for automation.

  • Risk Management

 Both platforms offer real-time monitoring of margin usage and positions. However, HankoX allows automated alerts and actions to be set based on risk parameters.

If you prioritize speed, customization, advanced analysis, and automation, HankoX might be a better fit. However, MetaTrader remains a solid choice for traders who value simplicity and a familiar interface.

The Bottom Line 

While MetaTrader has long been a popular platform, Hankotrade’s switch to ActTrader offers several advantages for traders seeking a more advanced experience. HankoX boasts superior speed, extensive customization options, and a more comprehensive range of analytical tools.

The web-based design of HankoX eliminates the need for bulky downloads and ensures seamless mobile access. Additionally, the platform’s visual strategy builder simplifies automation for traders of all skill levels.

If you prioritize speed, customization, and advanced features, HankoX is a compelling option for maximizing your trading potential.

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