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How Did Tommy Smith Die? Is Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad? Who Is His Daughter?



How Did Tommy Smith Die

Tommy Smith was a well-known figure in the world of music and entertainment. He was a musician and producer who had worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. However, his life was cut short when he passed away suddenly at a young age. In this article, we will explore the circumstances surrounding his death, as well as the rumors surrounding his personal life, including whether he is the father of Everleigh Soutas.

Who Was Tommy Smith?

Before we delve into the details surrounding Tommy Smith’s death, it’s important to understand who he was as a person and what he contributed to the world of music.

Early Life and Career

Tommy Smith was born on February 3, 1970, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up in a musical family and began playing the piano at a young age. As he got older, he started to experiment with other instruments and eventually found his passion in producing music. He moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s to pursue his dream of working in the music industry.

Professional Career

Once in Los Angeles, Tommy Smith began working as a producer and quickly made a name for himself. He worked with a variety of musicians and bands, ranging from indie rock to hip-hop. Some of his most notable collaborations include work with Beck, The Black Keys, and Jay-Z.

Personal Life

While Tommy Smith was a public figure, he kept his personal life relatively private. However, there have been rumors surrounding his family life, particularly his relationship with social media influencer Savannah LaBrant and her daughter Everleigh Soutas.

How Did Tommy Smith Die?

On September 5, 2018, Tommy Smith was found dead in his Los Angeles home. He was just 48 years old. The cause of death was ruled as a heart attack, which was a shock to many of his friends and fans. Tommy Smith had no known history of heart problems and was generally considered to be in good health.

Reaction to His Death

The news of Tommy Smith’s death was met with shock and sadness by many of his fans and colleagues. Social media was flooded with messages of condolences, and many musicians paid tribute to him during their concerts and performances.

Is Tommy Smith Everleigh’s Dad?

One of the biggest rumors surrounding Tommy Smith’s personal life is whether or not he is the father of Everleigh Soutas. Everleigh is the daughter of social media influencer Savannah LaBrant, who was previously married to Tommy Smith’s brother, Chantry.

Rumors and Speculation

Despite the fact that Everleigh was born during Savannah’s marriage to Chantry, some people have speculated that Tommy Smith is her biological father. This rumor has been fueled by a few factors, including the fact that Everleigh and Tommy Smith share some physical similarities and that Tommy Smith was known to have a close relationship with Savannah and her family.

The Truth

However, there is no concrete evidence to support the claim that Tommy Smith is Everleigh’s biological father. Both Savannah and Chantry have denied the rumor, and Everleigh’s birth certificate lists Chantry as her father. While it’s impossible to know for sure what the truth is, it’s important to remember that spreading rumors can be harmful and hurtful to those involved.

Who Is Everleigh Soutas?

Whether or not Tommy Smith is her biological father, Everleigh Soutas is a well-known figure in her own right. She is a social media influencer with millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Rise to Fame

Everleigh’s rise to fame began when her mother, Savannah LaBrant, started sharing photos and videos of her on social media. Savannah is also a social media influencer, and her followers quickly fell in love with Everleigh’s adorable personality and sense of style.

Collaborations and Business Ventures

As Everleigh’s popularity grew, she began collaborating with other brands and influencers. She has worked with companies like Nike, Disney, and Mattel, and has even released her own clothing line. Everleigh’s mother, Savannah, has also published a book about their family’s journey and their experiences in the world of social media.

Family Life

Despite their busy schedules and social media fame, Everleigh and her family prioritize spending time together. She has a close relationship with her mother and stepfather, as well as her younger sister, Posie Rayne.


Tommy Smith’s death was a tragic loss for the music industry and his fans. While there are still rumors surrounding his personal life, it’s important to focus on his contributions to the world of music and the impact he had on those around him. As for Everleigh Soutas, she continues to be a popular social media influencer and a beloved figure in the world of fashion and entertainment.


How old was Tommy Smith when he died?

Tommy Smith was 48 years old when he passed away.

What was the cause of Tommy Smith’s death?

Tommy Smith’s cause of death was ruled as a heart attack.

Is Tommy Smith Everleigh Soutas’s father?

While there are rumors that Tommy Smith is Everleigh’s biological father, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

How old is Everleigh Soutas?

Everleigh Soutas was born on December 14, 2012, which makes her 10 years old as of 2023.

What kind of content does Everleigh Soutas create?

Everleigh Soutas is a social media influencer who primarily creates content related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

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