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How Installing Access Control Systems Amps Up Your Business Security



Front door access control mechanisms are commonly used to prevent unauthorized persons from entering without authorization. Access control systems, on the other hand, may increase building and corporate security in different ways. Read on to find out how you can improve your organization’s security by introducing access control.

Restrict Access to Specific Building Floors

Your building’s main floor may be available to the general public so that people may discover more about your services and products, ask questions, unwind in the lobby, and so on. You may, however, want to limit access to higher-level levels that house workstations or sensitive materials. This arrangement is common in museums, hotels, and other retail businesses.

Protect stairwells and elevators by installing access control systems to guarantee that shoppers and unauthorized people remain in your building’s public areas. You may be certain that people are not wandering where they shouldn’t, no matter how crowded your lobby or store is.

While installing access control systems on stairwell exit doors is against NFPA compliance, you can use a PIN code or keycard system on staircase entryways that lead inside the building to secure your business from intruders. Those descending the stairway to escape a blaze or other emergency can do so securely, but those desiring to ascend must use a PIN code or keycard.

Keep Parking Lots Safe and Clear

Access-regulated parking lots will let you manage the cars entering and exiting your property. Typically, parking lot access systems are designed around a gate controller that permits cars to pull in and park. You can track traffic flow, ensure guests aren’t parking in prohibited areas, decrease possible car break-ins and other crimes, and more by safeguarding your parking areas with an access management system.

Parking lot access systems can also be used to generate money by allocating close-proximity parking for workers who are prepared to pay a monthly charge for a convenient location near the building. These employees will be issued a PIN code or keycard to get access.

Regulate Traffic Flow Using Turnstiles

Entrance turnstiles are frequently used in various premises to manage who and when can enter. Installing an access control solution with entrance turnstiles lets you independently and efficiently regulate admission across your facility.

Turnstiles with access controls can restrict access to individuals with the correct credentials and remain shut until they give those credentials. Additionally, turnstiles are an excellent tool to measure how many people enter and exit your facility. Analyze peak traffic hours using these business trends and apply the insights to your daily operations, such as workforce allocation and special marketing.

Customizable System

Because of its adaptability, access control systems may be a valuable tool in your business premises’ security. You can give certain employees unrestricted access while others only have access at specific hours. For instance, your daytime employees may be permitted access between 8 and 6, whilst your nighttime personnel may have different access times.

You appreciate the importance of security measures in protecting people and assets if you run or operate office buildings, hotels, or multi-level residential units. Employing a reliable commercial locksmith, who can design and install the correct solution for your business, whether you require keyless access control for one door or a multi-doors operation, provides a variety of choices for keeping your facility and its occupants secure from invaders.

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