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How old is Xiao in Genshin Impact? All you need to know about Xiao’s age




In Genshin Impact, Xiao is a cold, dull and restrained adept that many players have come to love.

While other Yaksha have died or disappeared, Xiao remains as Liyue’s defender, with the infamous nickname “Demon Conqueror”. Xiao, the last remaining Yaksha, is often burdened with the deaths of enemies threatening Liyue. His history in the City of Contracts made him a distant and mysterious character, as he had been Liyue’s protector for much longer than could have been imagined.

What year does Xiao have Genshin Impact?

Xiao may seem like a teenager or a young adult, but he is actually over 2,000 years old Genshin Impact lore. Although some like Ganyu are even older, Xiao evokes great respect and authority.

Details of Xia’s character in Genshin Impact (picture via Maîtris)

Xiao’s age is confirmed on the page with details of his character shown above, but players also know his age because of his involvement in the aftermath of the Archona War. The war ended about 2,000 years before the currency story in Genshin Impact, and Morax himself freed Jakša from enslavement. After the Archonship War, Morax summoned Jakša to fight the demons that arose from the remnants of various defeated deities. In addition, he gave Xiao his present name because it refers to another spirit that suffered like Yaksha. Since then, Xiao has shown his gratitude Zhongli protecting Liyue.

Zhongli’s quote when Xiao gives his current name (picture via Havian)

Although Xiao has served to protect Liyue for thousands of years, he is not exactly the most popular deity among citizens. Among mortals, he is mostly unknown.

Xiao’s lack of fame can most likely be attributed to the distance he deliberately maintains between himself and Liyue’s community. People who witness Xiao’s true power are said to be unlikely to survive the collateral damage.

Xiao describes his loneliness in the Genshin strike (picture via Havian)
Xiao describes his loneliness in the Genshin strike (picture via Havian)

Despite his callousness, Xiao does not intend to harm people in the realm of mortals. Nevertheless, as a result of his nature and time spent as a slave to an evil god, he is devoid of empathy. Given his past and commitments, Xiao is easily one of the most complex characters in Genshin Impact to date.

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