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How To Choose The Best Sneakers



How To Choose The Best Sneakers

The good old method of going to a shoe shop to buy a pair of sneakers is slowly getting replaced by online shopping. There were two distinct advantages of venturing out to a physical store – one, you could actually try out the various available options and decide which fits you perfectly and two, you could avail the expertise of the professionals there in order to make an informed choice. 

As much as we may all want and like to go to a physical store, the reality is that the world is going online. So we need to keep up with the times. Also, the basic factors that you must keep in mind while choosing the right pair of sneakers remain the same, whether you buy online or offline. So in this post, we shall list out some of these factors. Let’s get started.


  • Fit – Clearly, this is a no-brainer. The sneakers must fit you perfectly. What exactly do we mean by perfect fit? So generally when we buy any pair of shoes, we go for the least effort decision on fitness – meaning that we put them on and evaluate their fitness and size. However, while buying a pair of sneakers for a specific use case, say for running, the fitness test must be expanded.

The test must now include you taking two further steps. Once the preliminary size test is passed, you must also put on the socks that you intend to wear under these shows and then try them out. Further, you need to actually use the shoes for the intended use case and not just take a couple of steps. These two additional tests will help you decide. 

  • Shape – Often, we forget about the shape of the shoe when making the buying decision. Research has shown that the best shoes are those the shape of which is similar to the shape of your feet. The sneakers that you choose must feel like they are an extended part of your feet and not an additional burden.

While it may be a good idea to try out some of the sneaker trends like going for travis scott shoes, it must be kept in mind that the shape of the sneakers must be complementing your feet and providing the requisite support.    

  • Store Return Policy – This factor is really important when you are buying online. The whole fit and shape test of the sneakers cannot be done virtually, at least not yet. This means that the standard UK or US sizes available online are your online guide as to the size and the pictures on display are the only reference point as to the shape. 

Some of the online sites do offer great rates and superb return policy (which is often no questions asked). If you try out dhgate cheap sneakers with no compromise on quality can be found listed there. Not just the fit and size, a customer friendly return policy is equally important for physical stores because the look of the sneakers in store light might be often misleading. 

  • Support – Every pair of shoes must be strong enough to provide you support to indulge in the day to day activities. If you intend to use your sneakers for running or hiking, then you need to consider additional aspects like ankle support provided by the sneakers. 

The support also depends on the location that you live in. Someone staying on a beach and someone staying in a hilly region will require different kinds of support from their shoes. This makes it important to give enough consideration to this factor.

In the case of running shoes, support is of immense importance. Again, the shape of your feet will come into the picture here as that will determine whether you will need additional support or not. 

Apart from these basic factors, certain additional ones like the thickness of the heel or the sole of the shoes and the overall feel are equally if not more important. The general factors discussed above do give you an insight into the world of sneakers. However, reading a good styling guide online that is specifically tailored for your needs might be a good idea. 

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