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How to Grow Your Film’s Audience



How to Build your Film Audience - FilmBuzz

Film production is a lengthy and costly process. For this reason, it is vital to stretch this content as far as possible to get as many eyes on your work as possible.

Localization services will allow you to create more versions of your film which can be understood globally in different languages. The best way to increase the size of your film’s audience is not to limit who and where this audience can be. So, let’s look at the top methods of film localization:

Film Dubbing

The more languages your film is dubbed in, the more people there are who can understand it and will watch it worldwide. For example,, a professional film dubbing service, can increase the size of your film’s audience. Among the best features are over 1700 native accents and dialects to choose from, fast casting, and a helpful filter system to find a specific tone or vocal characteristic to match the original version of the character. In addition, audio engineers professionally verify home studios, so excellent audio quality is guaranteed when requesting remote recording. Thus, your benefits from film dubbing include:

  • Attracting a wider audience. This means that people can find your videos in search results on the main platforms in different languages.

  • Creating new versions of your content is cheaper than creating new content altogether. That’s why localization is one of the best ways to increase the size of your audience.

  • Audiences prefer to watch films in their own language. Many people won’t even consider watching a movie with subtitles as this is a less relaxed way to consume content.

  • Dubbing also allows for script adaption. When translating the script, you create the opportunity to slightly change aspects that may not work for foreign audiences, such as local censorship laws.


Including foreign language subtitles in your film is another method of increasing viewership. This option is generally much cheaper than film dubbing. However, it is less popular with audiences and lacks the same engagement. People would rather listen to the audio of a film than read it.

On a budget, this option is certainly still worth it. Allowing your film to be understood globally is the best way of finding new audiences – why limit your film’s potential?

Ultimately, localization services are the best way to increase the size of your film’s audience. Whether you choose dubbing or subtitles, the entire world can be potential viewers of your film. Platforms like Netflix now dub their content in around 32 languages for this reason, leading to an increase in foreign film viewership. Localize your content to take the world by storm today!

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