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“I don’t like it” – Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone explains why he refused to shake Jurgen Klopp’s hand after 3-2 defeat against Liverpool



Next Atletico Madrid 3-2 defeat in the Champions League Liverpool, Diego Simeone justified his decision to avoid shaking hands with Jurgen Klopp. He claimed that ‘it is not good for either the winner or the loser’.

In Wanda Metropolitano it was a night of great drama. Mohamed Salah kept his cool as he faced down Mohammad Al-Hashimi after 78 minutes Antoine Griezmann was sent. Griezmann had earlier brought Atletico Madrid back into the game with a quick double in the first half. He canceled the goals of Salah and Naby Keita in the first 13 minutes.

Diego Simeone did not want to offend Jurgen Klopp by not shaking his hand 😕

The defeat gave Liverpool a five-point advantage over Atletico Madrid at the top of the group. However, Simeone’s bizarre behavior at the last whistle dominated the conversations after the game. Klopp, who had previously stated that he did not like Atletico Madrid’s style of play, was furious at his opponent. This happened after Simeone refused the usual handshake and instead ran straight down the tunnel.

“I don’t always greet (the other manager) after the game because I don’t like it,” Simeone told reporters when asked about the incident at the press conference after the game. It is not healthy for either the winner or the loser. I think so. But now that I see him, I will greet him without difficulty. ”

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone says he has no problem greeting Jurgen Klopp now

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone
Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone

The Argentine added:

“It was a tough game against an opponent who has a great game, who usually wins games with a lot of goals. We didn’t start the game the way we wanted, and from the second goal we started the match we were looking for. ”

“We had the opportunity to stand in front. We played well in the second half, and the goalkeeper (Alisson) defended brilliantly again. The team reacted well when we were one and then they were awarded a penalty. ”

Griezmann’s exclusion for high-legged Robert Firmim was a pivotal moment in the game, and Liverpool later stepped up and capitalized on the opposition of ten men.

Simeone hurried down the tunnel to the last whistle without squeezing Klopp’s hand. Klopp waves in his direction. #LFC

Asked if he agreed with Griezmann’s red card, Simeone replied:

“Last week or the previous, when we played in Milan, they sent one of the players from Milan (Franck Kessie). The judge may interpret this in one way and then in another, but the only thing that matters is what the judge saw. ”