In Sindh, teachers who voluntarily returned money to the NAB were caught

KARACHI: The Sindh Education Department has taken a big step on the issue of voluntary refund of money to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). All records of teachers who have voluntarily returned the money have been sought.

According to details, all the records of teachers who voluntarily returned money from all over Sindh were sought.

The Sindh Education Department has sent an emergency letter to the education officers of all the districts stating that complete information should be provided to all the teachers who benefited from the voluntary refund scheme.

The letter said that all the district education officers should provide the information form of the teachers of their respective districts within 2 days, which teachers paid the amount voluntarily and all the details should be provided.

The letter said that the court has directed action against such persons and it is necessary to submit a report against such teachers in the High Court within 30 days.

The letter said that disciplinary departmental action should also be taken against such teachers and action should be taken on priority basis.

The education department has directed that the report be completed within two days and provided immediately.

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